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  • Ding
    If the judge's thing is freedom of religion, the mother might want to present evidence of what the WT teaches about other religions and about how they are about to be wiped out at Armageddon.
  • dubstepped

    Oooh, I like that point Ding.

    Actually, the young man is in ROTC at school, so military angles could be used. He can't get baptized anyway as it would be a useless exercise that would cause him to ultimately lose his family if he pursued a military course.

    Thanks for all of the links and points. I've seen that custody booklet before. It's so manipulative and disgusting.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Ive got a copy of the custody booklet and also the elders handbook if anyone needs it you can pm me.

    Next year once I have a laptop I'm putting together something that can be used in court In child welfare hearings for in the UK. I'll happily send what i gather to anyone who needs it. At the moment I'm collecting information together for it so if anyone knows any watchtowers, awakes or other literature or even laws that i can use that can be used in cases of non jw parent vs. jw parent feel free to pm me. Thank you

  • Giordano

    Dubbsteped you've really stood up for this Mom and her son. Hat's off!!

    What a great information load re combating the WT Child Custody booklet. It makes me proud to be the the company of so many intelligent, thoughtful and concerned Posters!

  • _Morpheus

    On the freedom of religion aspect, point out that baptised jw’s face sanctions if they want to change religion.

  • AndersonsInfo
    The following website has excellent advice on it. Also, the expert, Dan Johnson, will give some free advice on the phone. He's told me that he would do that so mention my name.

    Expert Custody Consultants 30 Years Leading The Fight Against The Watchtower Society's Child Custody Atrocities

  • dubstepped

    I love all the points about their views on the freedom of religion. I think those may help, though it doesn't change laws it may sway a judge somewhat.

    Thanks for the links Barbara. I think she may have looked into Dan but couldn't afford something there. I'll let her know though. I may be wrong, the name rang a bell from last night's conversation.

    All of this will go to help not just in this case, but she has a group of people in similar situations and they've bounced ideas around and got 5 kids out already. However every judge and circumstance is unique.

  • Giordano

    I'd like to add that if the son did get involved in the JW lifestyle and got Baptized then did something like joining the military or one of a hundred other so called 'sins' the son would be shunned not only by JW's world wide but also by his father and that would be for life............ if the son didn't repent and try to be reinstated.

    This is a severe punishment and the reason for the complete shunning is that a JW is 'coerced' by the hierarchy to shun even if they didn't want to and if they didn't they in turn would be shunned.

    Because of the coercion.......... which is a 'crime of duress' the JW religion is engaged in a criminal activity some hundred thousand times a year (the rough number of those who were disfellowshiped or who disassociated themselves from the religion each year).

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