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  • Aleph

    First of all thank you for the nice welcoming messages i received !

    As you know they are reducing Bethel families to the minimum, services etc...Here s what i heard from 2 different sources (one from Africa, one from Europe).

    - "official" reason given : "end is now, no more time to build, we all need to preach!".

    - All members are invited to go and support where the need is great in the congregations (not necessary their own), missionaries aren t sent back to their counties of origin.

    - I have no info regarding huge kh building program...is it still on?

    - Uk printing will be done in germany as they cut printing need by half (every 2 months instead of every month ...the print can keep on going the same way and it will be enough for double the actual need), in a results half of the world printing facilities become useless....


  • DesirousOfChange


    Image result for follow the money

    It's not the Great Tribulation or the Last Days.

    Maybe "last days" of the WTS. (But I doubt it)


  • Dunedain
    Follow the money!!!
  • fukitol

    Expenditure is exceeding income so they are slashing costs and trimming the fat.

    Donations have suddenly plummeted due to a post-2014 "100 year's and still no great tribulation " disconfirmation effect, made worse by the GBs utterly delusional "overlapping generation " insult to JWs intelligence.

    More and more JWs are punishing the Watchtower silently through their wallets.

  • tim3l0rd

    From what I've seen, there is definitely a lack of incoming funds. Many of their members are young teens that have little or no money (only ice cream money), are elderly people living on a fixed income, are pioneers who rely a lot on assistance from others to even meet their own needs, or are living in third world countries where $100 would be a weeks or even a months worth of pay.

    I think the lack of incoming funds is the largest reason for the reduction in printing. Even though the labor is free, the cost of materials, electricity, and maintenance (repair parts, etc.) are not. If they were being truthful back in 1990 that $0.25 per WT or Awake just covered the cost of printing, then today (with inflation) each magazine would cost ~$0.46 and each set would be ~$0.92. If each congregation is receiving well over a 150 sets of the public edition and around 100 of each study edition, each congregation is costing the org ~$184/month just for printing the WT & Awake. Add in the books, brochures, and special order items and that number could easily double.

    The amount I have seen collected each month seems to fall short of covering those costs. The fact that several letters have been sent to the congregations asking them to reduce their standing orders and that many congregations (mine included) had their orders (even of special order items) automatically reduced seems to indicate that WTS understands that the printing costs are outpacing their donations.

  • Big Derp
    Big Derp

    Here is my two cents.

    1.I think there has been an unreported mass exodus from the organization.

    2. The reported number of Jehovas Witnesses is, and always has been greatly exaggerated.

    3. The lawsuits concerning child abuse.

    4. Massive building projects going way over budget.

    5. Maintenance of those properties.

    6. Keeping up with the latest production technology. I.e. JW broadcasting.

  • stan livedeath
  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened
    Hi Everybody! I haven't been here in a long time. But we're hearing that there is something just like the Australian Commission coming here to the U.S. Just rumors, so we'll see.
  • punkofnice
    Al - "official" reason given : "end is now, no more time to build, we all need to preach!".

    Blimey, guv. It's 1975 all over again.

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