New Boy only 3 weeks out, My Dedication

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  • new boy
    new boy

    This book is dedicated to James Olson and Robert Stillman and the millions of other people, who have been victims of religious abuse. This book is dedicated to the thousands of people who have lost their parents, children and families members by way of the cruel practice of shunning. This book is for the thousands of suicide victims, people who could not live with the guilt and shame that the Jehovah’s Witnesses thought system has created for them. This book condemns this religion and all other religions that have been instrumental in the death, suicide and insanity of millions of people on this planet around the world.

    The people and events in this book are real. Their real names have been used. I do not judge or condemned any person in this book, only the religious thought system that created them.

    I want to thank Naomi Rose and Erika Finch my editors who skillfully brought this book together.

    Special thanks to Randell Watters (also an exBethelite) at

    I also want to thank Simon who has created the web site and the hundreds of people there that helped gather much of the important information that is in this book. This book could never happened without their help.

    The use of copyrighted material in this book falls within the Fair use Provisions and particularly as pertains to criticism and parody.


    What is the price?

    How many chapters and pages?

    Can you name some chapters?

    How long did it take to write and how many book publishers declined to publish?

    Did you learn anything new by collecting data and information?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Help us find your book.

  • WingCommander

    Awesome! I've been reading segments of your story on here (as you released it) for YEARS, and I'm glad you finally made this a reality. Please post a link to Amazon or wherever it is being sold.

  • scruffmcbuff

    As promised, ill support your dedication by purchasing your book. Please supply a link.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Price will be $14.88

    I don't know how many pages yet because it hasn't been formatted yet.

    It should be some where between 250 to 300 pages with 50 chapters.

    I started posting some of my Bethel experiences here on JWD back in 2007 so it's been 12 long years in the making.

    It was self published and will be on Amazon along with my first novel "Your Crazy Life"

    The full title is


    Life and Death at the World Headquarters of the Jehovah Witnesses

    P.S. All exBethelities can get a copy free if you message me you addresses.

  • sparky1

    All exBethelites can get a copy free if you message me you addresses. - new boy

    Thank you for the very generous offer. I am more than happy to purchase my copy and I am reasonably confidant that most other exBethelites will do likewise. I wish you the very best of success with your book and your life.

    P.S. - You bring honor to the short life of Jimmy Olson. "Lest We Forget"

  • Jim_halbert

    I am very interested in reading this but unable to find it on amazon. Any news, new boy?

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