Remarkable similarities between JW JC & LDS elder meeting

by Dagney 1 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dagney

    Act 1 of the podcast below are experiences between young LDS women and their disciplinary meetings with LDS elders and the aftermath.

    It reminded me of conversations we just had in Tahoe last summer from several who had to go before a panel of JW elders, alone, 13-14 years old, scared out of their wits in having to confess a wrong doing. Parents are unsupportive of their children, instead force these young girls into these confessional meetings. The scars are deep and pervasive.

    So the same with the ladies in this podcast. Also the reluctance of an LDS elder to admit to the interviewer it how wrong these meetings are handled, and even to admit how harmful it can be to a young person, for life! It is just like the testimony at the ARC, and the JW lawyers in these recent court cases.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    I would like to mention that a recently deceased Governing Body member named Guy Pierce was a former LDS. I wonder if he changed some JC policies that are now similar to the Mormons. I heard the Family worship arrangement the JW's have today was already well established with the LDS. People think Guy Pierce introduced that while he was at the top.

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