The Incredible Shrinking Watchtower -- What's Up?

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  • Finkelstein

    My guess is that in near future they will completely stop printed publications or make them only avaible from JWorg on limited basis .

    Quite frankly I think they’ve run out of their theological bullshit.

  • lastmanstanding

    Magazines have so diminished that the latest instruction is that the magazine servant is gone, laid off, reassigned in the same manner as are the superfluous bethelites that have been told to hit the road.

    The magazines have been assigned to the literature brother who now does both.

    But not a problem, you see, as the books have so diminished as well. Between the books AND the rags, there’s barely enough work for one guy.

    Soon, there will be a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sign in the window.

    Now on the clearance shelf, all 32 page booklets and 78 pages books prior to 1985.

    Half off all magazines! Literally... half off ... or more.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Currently, there is one Asleep! rag per month, and it is only 16 pages. The washtowel has been split up into Showcase edition (which is placed in public, and has 16 pages) and a Kool-Aid edition (which is studied at the boasting session, contains the hard core doctrines, and still has 32 pages). The Showcase edition is monthly, and the Kool-Aid edition is also monthly.

    Nope, that was until some years ago. Then Asleep! and the public edition Watchtower were rescued to just 6 issues a year.

    Since 2018, both are down to just 3 issues a year!

  • jookbeard

    just think the fleet of lorries/trucks they had sending out the rags and books to the congs every fortnight from the Branch packed to capacity, they can only dream of those days and the environmental impact that would have had on the planet when 99.9% of their crap was not only ever read from their D2D work very little was read by the R&F also, isnt there a scripture that says "god will bring to ruin those ruining the earth?"

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation has been a commercialized fraud from day one, an exercise of free capitalism framed within a religious ideology.

    Preaching the Gospel of Jesus as it were with a tainted corrupt slant orchestrated through literature publishing.

    Its that American freedom thing that appears so often.

  • Jidders

    I'm not 100% sure but it seems the Reddit jumped almost 200 people over the last few days, which it's been fairly slow since December or so.

    Of course those could also be bots and miscellaneous accounts, but, still

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Yeah they are definitely getting out of the printing business. A little late by a couple decades but lets face it nobody want to read their delusional bullshit even if you give it away free!

    Now they just have this shitty cart work where the only people that take their literature are those that want to make the Watchtower go bankrupt the sooner the better so they grab a handful of the shit and to throw it in the garbage.

    Just google the Watchtower and wham bam 99% percent bad cannot compete for first place in most browsers only the most die hard JW is having hard time even commenting at meetings the shit they print is is that horrible! Those WT meetings where they read the paragraph ask the question and repeat almost word for word the thoughts in the paragraph got to be very hard to attend and make comments these people are very depressed and are having a hard time living up to WT corporations laws and enforcements .

  • Drearyweather
    It seems that with the January Study magazine it's been trimmed by by four pages.

    They are still 32 pages. Which magazine are you looking at?

  • Crazyguy2

    As they move away from magazines thier moving into another areas of bullshit. Making more movies even music that’s not for their song book. Thier becoming more and more like Scientology’s and the Mormons. I even heard they have even made a nature type documentary.

  • DwainBowman

    Starting in 2018 there are 4 public WT's a year. These all carry a theme, and no date. From time to time there maybe be reissues of one or more offered as current.

    Starting a few weeks ago the main study WT also known as the dumbed down issue has been replaced by the even dumber dumb down WT study issues!

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