Do Any Of You Dream About JW Friends You had ?

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  • minimus

    Funny, I had a JW dream last night and bottom line I was screwed over by some Witnesses and elders accepted their word over mine and said don’t worry, you can be an elder again in about a year and a half. Then I said. Screw this! So I purposely kept talking to a known apostate to the horror of all the Witnesses. It was my way of saying see you later.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I never dream,

    but when I do,

    I dream of Dos Equis.

    Stay sleepy, my friend!

    Sorry, I thought of that the instant I read the subject line and knew everyone here would enjoy it.

    I really can seldom recall any dreams I might have, but when awake I often think about the JW kids I grew up with. Different thoughts for different kids, many who were damaged in various ways and few of whom left the JWs.

    Usually I feel sad for them.

  • smiddy3

    Oh Nathan does that mean your a sex addict or an alcoholic ? LOL , and thanks to all those who responded with serious answers .

    Both my wife and myself have these type of dreams and its nice to know that others on this board also experience them .That makes me pretty confident that we also feature in active JW`s dreams that they have.

    They may have put us out of their conscious mind however we could still pop up in there dreams,and I like that thought.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    How sharper than a dragon's tooth!

    You WOUND me, Smiddy3!

  • corruptgirl

    Funny because last night I had a dream about a Jehovah’s Witness gathering where somehow I was also there. In the dream I think I was still jw but when I saw all my old friends I started to cry (of happiness I think because I hadn't seen them in so long). The dream in itself was very strange and I don't remember half of it...and it included lots of animals too (including snakes and rats ....🤔🤔) that were just outside the house where we all gathered. I usually have animals in my dreams which is funny. My husband thinks they symbolize things which in this case he might be right! 😂😂

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