Watchtower's NEW Legal Learning Studio

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  • Newly Enlightened
  • Gorb

    The Glenn How law firm is located at the Canada branche of

    The lawyers of the firm are jw's, and hired by Bethel Branches all over the world, when there is a case against

    My opinion is that this is a jw businesscase.

    The lawyers of How are hired by, and the local witnesses donations are transfered to the firm because off the lawyer costs.

    But it's also owned by


  • waton

    They even have their own home grown legal personnel, the Mac Ewan youngster. Who says wt is against higher education? , might even make it onto the cover of Mac Leans, Time magazine.

  • Simon
    The Glenn How law firm is located at the Canada branche of

    Remember: Coffee is for Closers, and your ABCs - Always Be Closing!

    Oh wait, wrong "Glen"s ...

  • hoser

    The sad part is that witnesses donate their hard earned money to this. If they only knew the truth about where their donations went.

  • LongHairGal


    I can’t feel sorry for stupid JWs.

    Anybody who was in this religion/ organization for decades had to have seen the results of what happens to people who got college/career versus those who did not. People reached retirement age with no preparation whatsoever in a terrible predicament!!.. I saw poor older stragglers in the congregation who were pinching pennies. I could see they weren’t well respected. Yet, I had some busybody older people telling me ‘I should quit my job’.. I’m Thankful today I ignored those bastards.

    Even the stupidest ‘worldly’ person knows they need to prepare for retirement. Even a person with no ambition who had a so-so job and worked full time at least built up credits for SS and Medicare. This is better than the absolutely nothing the Witness has because they were convinced they needed to make the sacrifice be in the full-time ministry..So, now the scenario is there are too many needy with their hands out in this collapsing religion nobody wants to be in or around!.. I’m glad I got out years ago.

  • Listener

    There is a Youtuber, Paul Lane who was advertising and interviewing Bethelites regarding this past Friday's streamed event discussing the 20 year old case between Watchtower vs Stratton. Robert Hendriks is one Bethelite interviewed.

    At a guess it looks like the Legal Learning Studio was established for providing CLE credit (Continued Learning Credits) for attorneys in the USA.

    It had made this past event regarding the Watchtower vs Stratton available to all attorneys and went to the effort of getting it accredited for use as CLE credits in various States.

    It may be costly for the JW Attorneys to obtain their required CLE credits and this may be an effort to save costs as well as keeping them Watchtower focused.

    If they provide it free to 'worldly' attorneys they would probably consider it as part of their preaching work.

    There is an indication on the website that the Watchtower is planning future events but none are listed yet.

  • Listener

    Cappytan is currently on his YouTube channel along with Mark O'donnell and Alt Worldly reviewing the Watchtower live stream from Friday.

  • Phizzy

    I imagine that any learning is focussed upon learning various National and International Laws, but in looking for ways to circumvent those Laws, in a way that does not result in the W.T losing Court Cases, and paying costs and perhaps compensation to Victims of what they do.

    Hardly showing respect for "Caesar's Law" is it ?

    It is exactly the same as smart-arse Lawyers and Accountants who circumvent Tax Laws, i.e. Morally Wrong.

  • TonusOH
    Anybody who was in this religion/organization for decades had to have seen the results of what happens to people who got college/career versus those who did not.

    I knew an elder who was a long-time JW and had worked with many in the GB. He told me once about a time when he was butting heads with his daughter, who wanted to go to college. He was adamantly against it, as the organization had long cautioned against higher education. Better to prepare for the last days by pioneering, he felt. But she was being stubborn.

    So he spoke with one of the GB members about it, explaining the situation. The GB member asked him "tell me, brother, has your daughter ever caused you any problems?" The elder answered that no, she had not. The GB member replied "then why create a problem with her now?"

    Incredibly, the GB member was telling him to go ahead and let his daughter go to college and get her degree. Having gotten this advice from one of God's Own Mouthpieces, he relented and allowed her to attend college.

    I think about that when I see the continued admonition against higher education by the WTS. When it was convenient, their own leadership felt that it was a viable option. But the rest of us? Those without a direct pipeline to the boardroom? Sorry, no degree for you!

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