Would you want to live in a Kingdom under the Duds?

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  • Maverick

    Everyone knows Blackguard is kidding, right?

    I remember a brother who was looking forward to being a 'Prince in the 'New System'. He was going along with the Corporation hoping he would be like a governor over some big territory. He already had some subordiates picked out if they made through the end of this system. I secretly hoped I would not be living anywhere near this control freak! The writing dept. of the GB have realy burned all of this into the memberships minds. I wonder if many Elders and Servants are looking for preferential status in their New World? Maverick

  • gumby
    I felt He held a death threat over my head, love me or I will kill you. Now I know that thinking is from the heart of the evil false god of the WatchTower Masters and I am at peace with the True God

    Actually I though Jesus taught the same thing.

    Random Task

    ..How is it you see the dubs picture of paradise......hell on earth?

  • cruzanheart

    That's what finally did it for me. I decided that if living forever meant I had to be with these really nasty people, then I wanted no part of it and I would just enjoy my familiy for the time we have together. AND IT'S ALL GOOD!!!


  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Let's see... One of these future 'Princes' counseled one of my friends that her lipstick was too red, a sister told me my skirt was too short because it didn't trail passed my toes it was - God forbid - at the knee line. Another royal pain mocked my 12 year old brother (at the time) for making an incomplete comment and he did this from the platform. I dated one of these future 'Princes' who counseled me for having an independent attitude and a sister who told me I would die at Armageddon for going to college. Live forever with these controlling, judgemental freaking people? Hell no! - Victorian Sky

  • PurpleV

    NO WAY

    That would be my idea of hell

    Oh God, that's not what hell is, is it? Cause if it is I'm DOOMED

  • TresHappy

    Not in a million years, not a trillion years, not in a gillion years...

  • blackguard

    For several years prior to my parting company with the watchtower world I also had trouble reconciling the culture of cruelty as practised by the jaydubs with what the bible calls a God of Love. I quite enjoyed the field ministry interacting with people I'd never met before, but I reached a point where I could no longer recommend this way of life to other people. While I was psychologically bound to the perversion of man-made totalitarian authority I could eagerly embrace the bible as God's word to men. Once I fully understood how man arrogates unto himself worship due to God, in a fashion reminiscient of ancient Teraphim worship, and presumptuously claims his words are equal to or greater than God's, and how the fear of freedom is carefully instilled in members, it released me from the bondage.

    I could then walk away from the culture of cruely and maintain a relationship with the Adonai Yehovah. I didn't have to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' as so many departing the Orwellian watchtower world do.

    But what I learned later is that the Watch Tower is actually in business for the destruction of Christianity: It clandestinely supports a communist style new world order and is actively participating in mind control for societal control in the satanic new world order. It has policies by way of theology for the disintergration of the family and perpetuates dysfunctionality in individuals. The corporate Watch Tower is equally pleased with itself if people leave or people stay---most have been conditioned for a hapless life in Satan's countefeit kingdom, sometimes known as the new world order or new system of things, and something very different from God's promise of a New Earth.

  • Maverick

    Good to hear from you matey! I agree that if you wanted to create totally disfunctional "christians' you could hardly do better than the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses! they diplaced Jesus and inserted themselve between man and God! Maverick


    Would you want to live in a Kingdom under the Duds?



  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I'd rather have a sharp stick in the eye!

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