Why Do JWs Come Here to Debate?

by Victor_E 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • garybuss

    Hi Victor, Maybe the reason they debate here, is that they can not debate there. Just a guess . . . . .


    Most JW`s do not come here to debate..They come here to lecture..Some are not even real dubs,they`re wanna be dubs who think they like the religion,even though they don`t participate or take an active part at their local Kingdom Hall..The first group are brain-dead,the second group are cheerleaders for the brain-dead..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Phil

    Victor e,

    I am no scholar by any stretch of the imagination. I have yet to meet anyone in the past several years that is knowlegible enough to satisfy my curiosity. I cannot help but feel that one could go through his or her life without fully satisfying this curiosity. There has been so many books written on the subjects by very knowlegible people and scholars, that the search for the ultimate truth can only come from a superbeing. Bias seems to be a trait of nature, built in to the human DNA. I am sure the most intellectual persons on earth also contain some bias in their writings. There is a genious that said that if we can solve the existance of the universe we will solve the existance of a creator.

    Reading all the words of wisdom that have been written is next to impossible. Absorbing and retaining all the main portions of these writings would be impossible. If I would ever meet such a person I suspect he would fill the requirements of the person we speak of.

  • jgnat

    If the search for meaning were simply a matter of adding knowledge, one could program a computer to do it. Simply instruct it to go and collect all written knowledge that exists on this planet. The trick for the kind of searcher that I think Victor_E is outlining is that such a person assimilates new information within an existing framework. In other words, does the new information add or modify his existing world view? Such a framework is necessary to evaluate the flotsam and jetsam of information that comes our way. i.e. "Northern Lights are caused by reflections of sunlight off the Pacific Ocean." If the searcher has a good framework to evaluate such a sentence, he/she does not have to spend much time evaluating it's validity.

    The trick is, does the framework itself stand to scrutiny? i.e. "Everything written in the Watchtower is completely true." That second statement results in distressing cognitive feedback loops in the victims when apparent contradictions have to be reconciled.

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