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  • BereanThinker7

    Very interesting. They mentioned the "Cicero class", that's essentially a group of the "free bible students." I posted a video from their memorial just a few days ago. The term bible students scares people off often, I know it did for me, but I have found the "free bible students" super doctrinally non dogmatic and enjoyable. Ive never even heard anybody mention Russells name lol! It blows my mind that some of the other I.B.S.A. groups and the Dawn and that STILL hang onto dates and teachings about pyramids, and 1874, and invisible presence stuff.

    also to slimboyfat

    I know there is a group in London that meets because I have a friend that travels to visit them regularly. Ill see if I can find anymore info.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Just Beware APieceOf.... that that warm fuzzy feeling is in fact not you bleeding out. (fresh blood is warm so I have heard)

    I know you were joking, and so am I . Bit of humor in life keeps us healthy.


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