The Vatican`s third ranking highest official Convicted Of Sexual Assault

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  • smiddy3

    Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican's third-highest ranking official, was convicted of sexual assault by a Victoria court on December 11, 2018.

    But Australian media aren't reporting on the trial or its outcome. Despite Pell's mammoth status in the Catholic church and as a public figure, his trial has been held in secret, following a Victorian County Court suppression order that applies Australia-wide. It was imposed after the court accepted that knowledge of the accused's identity in the first trial might prejudice a further trial being held in March.

    I believe this suppression order only applies to Australia whereas this case may have been reported upon overseas ? Can anybody confirm whether this has been the case ?

  • smiddy3

    I am honestly surprised nobody has commented at all since I first posted this.? A day ago .

    Cardinal George Pell an Australian is the 3rd most senior figure in the Vatican was convicted of child sexual assault offences by a Victorian Court on December 11 ,2018 and nobody here is interested or concerned ?

    I`m flabbergasted to say the least .?

    NOBODY interested in this story ?

  • waton

    well yeah, if Mr. Pell would be a wt, branch committee coordinator, GB helper, it would be all over this site. Catholic problems are huge compared to wt's.

    The Catholic church, during it's history, deprived millions of a normal sex life. wt deprived thousands of full time workers of normal incomes, all jws of normal (no - nonsense) thinking. a huge difference. Jw child rapists are such, not the result of wt doctrine. imho.

    Forbidding marriage as a condition of ordination attracted characters, or created them, that often*** found no need of mature female company. so, Pell fell. no wonder.

    *** stories of heterosexual breach of celibacy abound too.the selfish genes of catholic clergy are among us.

  • Diogenesister

    Smiddy he was convicted of historical charges of CSA of 5 choirboys in the 1990s. He will be sentenced in February

    There is another case coming to trial in March, I believe, this time relating to accusations stemming from events in the 1970s.

  • smiddy3

    Do you have any links you could share here Dio ..... from the media etc,?

  • jonahstourguide

    I'm trying to cut and paste what I found smiddy3.

    Cardinal Pell found guilty of sex abuse, expected to appeal, reports say

    20181212T1214-22929-CNS-PELL-TRIAL c.jpg

    Australian Cardinal George Pell leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court Oct. 6. (CNS/Mark Dadswell, Reuters)

    Melbourne, Australia — Australian Cardinal George Pell reportedly has been found guilty on five charges related to serious sexual misconduct involving two boys at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne in the 1990s.

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    The trial, the specific charges, the testimony and almost all other details involving the accusations against the 77-year-old cardinal are covered by a court-issued "super injunction," which forbids all media in Australia from reporting on it.

    Pell is expected to appeal the conviction.

    Sources said Pell pleaded not guilty to all charges but was found guilty Dec. 11 by a jury of 12 people, who delivered a unanimous verdict, as required by Victoria state statutes; the jury had deliberated for more than three days.

    The trial took place before Judge Peter Kidd of the County Court of the State of Victoria; it was one of two trials Pell is reportedly facing on accusations of abuse that allegedly occurred in the 1970s and in the 1990s.

    Following a monthlong pretrial hearing in May, the court ordered Pell to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual abuse of minors, charges the cardinal consistently denied. The trial was split in two: one for the events in Melbourne in 1990s and one for the events in Ballarat in 1970s.

    The first trial, for the Melbourne events, began in August, but resulted in a hung jury, sources said.

    One of the alleged survivors has died since the events and the other gave evidence via video link to the court. Neither has been named.

    Lawyers for Pell, led by Robert Richter, are understood to have indicated they will appeal, but that would take place after the cardinal is sentenced in February. The second trial, focusing on the alleged events in Ballarat, reportedly will begin in March.

    Catholic News Service was told that Australian media organizations are petitioning the court to release details of the trial and verdict. The court had issued the gag order to "prevent a real and substantial risk of prejudice to the proper administration of justice."

    Although some of the initial charges brought by prosecutors were dismissed, including what Pell's lawyer described as the most "vile," Magistrate Belinda Wallington announced May 1 that she believed there was enough evidence presented in connection with about half the original charges to warrant a full trial.

    Pell was appointed head of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy by Pope Francis in 2014 but took a leave of absence from his position in mid-2017 to face the charges. His lawyer told the court May 1 that he had already surrendered his passport.

    Before leaving Rome, Pell had told reporters at a Vatican news conference, "I'm innocent of these charges. They are false. The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me.


    "These matters have been under investigation now for two years," Pell told the press. "There's been relentless character assassination, a relentless character assassination."

    Following his time as archbishop of Melbourne, 1996-2001, Pell was named archbishop of Sydney in 2001. He was made a cardinal by St. John Paul II in 2003 and is, at present, the only Australian cardinal.

    Pell has been an important and, at times, polarizing figure in Australia. Supporters say his opposition to abortion and gay marriage have made him many enemies, and they believe that while he was archbishop of Melbourne he was the first bishop in the country to proactively address the clergy sex abuse issue.

    A version of this story appeared in the Dec 28, 2018-Jan 10, 2019 print issue under the headline: Cardinal Pell found guilty of sex abuse, reports say .
  • smiddy3

    And now, according to the Herald Sun newspaper George Pell is to be sued by another person who claims he was sexually abused by the priest ,but lawyers dropped the charges because they didn`t think there was enough evidence to convict him .

    I wonder how many more of these complaints and accusations will emerge with little co-oberative evidence to support such claims for a conviction that lawyers need.

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

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