Is there a way back?

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  • Gorbatchov

    Think this night about former and current leadership of, and the use of multimedia and Broadcasting, imaging a Theodore Jaracks kind of GB member would be chosen again.

    Is there a way back possibility for to end all the multimedia circus and a go of the radar for the GB again?

    A one way street?


  • OnTheWayOut

    there is a way back. But because of permanent records on the internet, the only way back would seem to have to denounce the deviation of purpose that the current Bozos have taken their organization.

  • Dreamerdude

    The lawyers could perhaps convince the helpers to stage a coup deta. They could explain that the “real” anointed died a long time ago and that the current slave pretenders are living proof that all who currently claim to be anointed are mentally disturbed.

  • no-zombie

    I've been with the Organization for a long time, all my life actually and I can not remember it ever returning to a arrangement that's been scraped. And while in the past I've personally hoped that the Society would return to the less judgmental and more family like congregations of the pre80s, I now have come to understand that this will never occur.

    The Organization has only gotten worse, with it being only more draconian as its power has being taken by the Governing Body completely. And because the Brotherhood now believes the subliminal story that the Governing Body is as good as the 12 apostles, any coup, any move to push a Governing Body member out, any major change doctrinal change would only just expose the lie that it is.

    Russell started this train on it's a one way track ... and there is no turning around ... regardless of what lies ahead.


  • RolRod
    Russell started this train on it's a one way track ... and there is no turning around ... regardless of what lies ahead.

    While it's true that Russell started this train, I would hardly blame him for the current mess the organization finds itself in. After all what Russell founded was a publishing house, keep in mind that the various congregations were all autonomous. The Society had no say in local matters. It was Rutherford who took control of the congregations, and turned the organization into a Brooklyn Vatican. That was never Russell's intention.

    Of course we can say since Russell started the Watchtower, then he is to blame. If that's the case, why not blame the Adventist, if it weren't for them and William Miller, there would be Watchtower, better yet, let's blame Jesus, since he started Christianity.

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