Why do JW's get so pissed off w/ anyone who disagrees w/ them?

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  • crinklestein

    Has anyone ever seen someone that WANTS to believe in something so bad, whether it's religious or scientific or anything, and they know they are wrong but they just NEED to believe it and anytime anyone questions what they believe they react violently? That's the same with JW's. The GB reacts that way because it will uncover their lies. The Elders react that way because they are the whores of the GB and they are protecting their power. The average JW reacts that way as a behavioral instinct. I think alot of them KNOW that there are lies and deciets but their subconscious won't let that through to their conscious. So the subconscious tries to protect the consciousness by reacting violently to protect itself from the damage of knowing the truth.

    The brain is an amazing and conflicted thing. Their are parts of your brain that operate in direct contrast to the rest of the brain. Like one part has it's own independent agenda. The subconscious is a very powerful thing and it will sometimes act against your best interests in an attempt to protect you from psycological harm. I think this is why the average JW reacts like they do when you contradict them.

  • Realist

    because disagreeing with them basically telling them that they will not live forever and they have lived a lie and wasted their lifes.

  • TresHappy

    There's nothing worse than hearing the opposite opinion from something so dear and true to their lives. My goodness, some of these folks have been in for 40, 50 years, and to hear what you have lived your ENTIRE life about is a lie, that's something very hard to swallow.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    'emotional misfits!'

    Guest 77

  • rocketman

    Several excellent replies, and I can only concur. The jw religion becomes the center of the jw's life, they devote so much time and energy to it, therefore the thought that it could be wrong strikes them with fear, and they lash out.

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