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  • moses

    Born and raised in the city I wouldn't have it any other way!

  • Special K
    Special K

    Welcome to the Forum to



    Rhino Chaser..

    I look forward to reading more of your posts...come on in.


    Special K

  • Mulan

    We went to see the stage play last night................does that count?

    Welcome anyway. I'm sure you will find someone from Chicago.

  • mouthy

    Dont forget B.R.C.I is having a convention in Chicago.....Let him/her know where folks.

  • Evesapple

    Excuse my ignorance what is B.R.C.I.? and what convention?

  • blondie

    BRCI, as we are commonly known, is a not-for-profit association of former Jehovah's Witnesses formed in 1983. After 1980, increasing numbers of persons were "disfellowshipped" or expelled from association with the Watchtower Society because they questioned some of the interpretations and other religious views held by Jehovah's Witnesses. An informal network was forming among some of these persons, but they recognized a need for support and help for persons who were leaving the Watchtower organization. These persons could benefit from contact and conversations with other former Witnesses, to discuss their situation and receive some support to help them deal with the problems unique to those leaving that association.

    What does BRCI do?

    One way to view our work is that it is somewhat similar to that done by the men and women who ran the "underground railroad" that assisted former slaves to freedom during the US Civil War in the 1860's. These people helped slaves who wanted freedom. Both the slaves and those who helped them were willing to face great risk to life and limb to make it across dangerous territory and help these former slaves get established in areas where they could make a living for themselves and live with a greater measure of freedom.

    We perform a similar service for persons who are interested in leaving the Watchtower organization. Many people leave the Watchtower organization each year for various reasons. We have found that many if not most who leave for religious reasons, that is, because they believe that Watchtower teachings are not in harmony with either the Bible or the spirit of Christianity, sometimes have a much more difficult time adjusting than those who leave for other reasons. Many of them are deeply religious and committed to God, but they are confused because they had accepted the authority of a religious organization which they cannot reconcile with the authority of Scripture. They are confused about conflicts between the Bible teachings and the teachings of persons claiming to represent God. These persons need to be able to discuss their questions openly. This they cannot do within the Watchtower organization without fear of swift and long-lasting reprisal.

    Why not make plans now to join us at the 2004 BRCI Conference!

    Friday, June 25-Saturday, June 26, 2004
    Wyndham Northwest Chicago Hotel
    Itasca, IL

    To make reservations, call 1-630-773-4000 M-F 9AM-5PM CST

    Mention BRCI to get our special rate (and reduce the cost of the conference room for BRCI):
    $89 US per night, per room, single or double

    Whether or not you plan to take advantage of the special rate, it would help us to plan for the conference, we would appreciate it if you let us know that you have will be attending the conference. Just email us at [email protected] and give us (at least) your name and how many will be attending.

  • Evesapple

    Thanks for the info...I will definetely consider it. I just went on the website as well.

  • blondie

    Evesapple, Irreverent and I went last year and had a good time and plan on going this year too.

    Hope to see you there.


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