EX J-DUB TRIVIA (TRY it and see how many you can get correctly)

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  • Terry

    Trivia Quiz for Ex-JW's

    1.Who was the first President of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    2.When was the Watch Tower Association first formed. (What year?)

    3.Who was the first Vice-President of the Society and who was the secretary-treasure?

    4.When did Fred Franz join the editorial staff as a Bible "researcher" and writer for the Society's publications?

    5.Who won the Olin R.Moyle lawsuit against 12 Watchtower executives in 1943 and what $$ was awarded?

    6.Who exactly WAS Olin R. Moyle?

    7.What was the cause of Rutherford's anger at Olin Moyle leading to firing and libeling him?

    8. True or False: J.F.Rutherford refused to compromise his integrity when passages from the Finished Mystery book were found to be in violation of the Espionage Act and would not censor any part of the book or stop the distribution and this landed him in prison.

    9. C.T. Russell and his wife, Maria were divorced because Maria would not render her proper marriage "due" by having sex: True or False.

    *1. William H. Conley, an Allegheny, Pennsylvania banker

    *2. 1881

    *3. C.T.Russell's father, Joseph was Vice-President and C.T.Russell himself was secretary-treasurer (Note: each man purchased shares. Conley purchased +/- 350 shares, Joseph Lytel Russell purchased 100 shares and C.T. Russell purchased 50 shares; each at $10 apiece. (Roughly equivalent to $100 per share in current dollar values.)

    *4.1926. Barbara Anderson discovered letters at the Brooklyn headquarters demonstrating that Franz wrote Rutherford's "answers" to bible questions and probably wrote his books as well while Rutherford took the writing credit.

    *5.Moyle won his lawsuit and the court awarded him $30,000 in damages. (at least the equivalent of a 1/4 of a million in today's value.)

    *6. Olin Moyle was the Watchtower Soceity's attorney representing the Society in the 1940 flag salute case in public schools. Rutherford ousted him to install his own choice, Hayden C. Covington.


    According to the trial transcript, Moyle’s problems began after he wrote a personal letter to Rutherford in which he expressed his aversion to Rutherford’s excessive drinking and extremely abusive behavior to others, behavior which he personally observed and heard complaints about. And Arthur Worsley, a long-time Bethel staff member well-known to Kelly and Reusch, was one of the people who complained to Moyle about the indignities heaped upon him by Rutherford. Rutherford was so incensed by Moyle’s criticisms he dismissed Moyle and his wife from Bethel and placed their personal effects out on the sidewalk. Moyle was shocked by the treatment but the facts show he did not retaliate in any way. Not content with throwing Moyle out of Bethel, Rutherford and his associates viciously maligned the man’s character in the Watchtower magazine, leading Moyle to file a libel complaint against all parties responsible.

    *9.False! Rutherford excised the offending passages and also stopped distribution to mollify the authorities.

    *10. False! Not only would Russell never have sex with Maria; he improperly entered into "affectionate" relationship with a young woman who lived with them.

  • Phizzy
    On No. 5 , if I remember correctly the WT never paid all the damages awarded ? Did they actually pay anything ?
  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    1. The first President of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society was J. F. Rutherford. Originally formed as the People's Pulpit Society in 1909, its name was changed in 1939 to Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. If you mean Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, Conley is correct. But his primary occupation was steel fabrication.

    2. There is no Watchtower Association. There was and is in some countries the International Bible Students Association founded in 1914. Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society was formed in 1881.

    3. Joseph Russell and C. T. Russell. The rest of your answer is wrong. They did not "purchase shares." That was a post 1884 development. The organizers pledged money, paid half at signing and half later. Charles Russell committed to $7000.00; Albert Delmont Jones committed to $2000.00; William Henry Conley promised $4000.00; and Joseph L. Russell promised $1000.00. These are the figures on the original document. The online claims are false.

    10. The Russell v. Russell transcript does not support claims of an Improper Relationship between Russell and Rose Ball. That comes from sensationalist newspaper articles.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    The original document reads:

    Pittsburgh PA, Feb’y 1881

    We the undersigned – believing that much good can be accomplished and many people be brought to see the great loving plans of our heavenly Father, by a judicious and thorough use of tracts and reading matter treating on some of the salient points of our belief, as we find it to be gloriously and graciously revealed in our Father’s word, do hereby combine and unite our energies etc. for the purpose of so publishing and distributing “Zion’s Watch Tower” tracts etc.

    The Lord willing and aiding us we purpose distributing said tracts etc. in all the large cities (north) of the United States and in the principal ones of Great Britain etc. etc. as the Lord of the harvest shall open the way and reveal his will.

    This work will require millions of pages of tracts costing thousands of dollars; it will require thousands of distributors costing other thousands of dollars. (The purpose complying with the words of the Lord “Owe no man any thing” and will contract no debts.) And we the signers of this paper willingly contribute toward this fund the amounts set opposite our names. The money which we contribute is not ours, it belongs to Him whose we are – We gave it when we gave ourselves and our all to him. We now act as God’s “stewards” in distributing of His goods to His praise and glory and for the preaching of the good news to thousands who are in darkness and being (as we once were) led into infidelity and unbelief through the misrepresentations made concerning the character and plan of our loving Father.

    Of the sum which we have set opposite our names we “stewards” of the manyfold grace (favors) of God will pay one half in cash and one half on demand after six months to the publisher of “Zion’s Watch Tower” who agrees to keep a strict acc’t of all moneys received and expended; and to make a showing of same to any of the subscribers to the fund whenever desired.

  • Terry
  • Terry


    Thank you! Duly noted and appreciated!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I only got 1 out of 9 right.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Old Goat:

    You beat me to it! (the corrections) 😁

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Terry for the Link, and thanks Old Goat, I guess due to your connection to the authors of an excellent work on those early years, you are our resident Expert on these matters !

    I think it is a good Thread Terry, and will open the eyes of lurking JW's to the fact that there is a real History out there of their Org, nothing like the one they have been fed.

  • Terry

    It is deuce difficult to sort out which references are reliable and which are simply opinions.

    Anybody have a *heuristic?

    ( *any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method not guaranteed to be optimal or perfect, but sufficient for the immediate goals.)

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