OK, What to do with Iraq? Later?

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  • LB

    So we are a few weeks down the road. American and British troops are pissing in the palace. It's all but over and plans for a new government are being put in place.

    What would you do?

    Do you want us to restore the country much as we did to Japan and Germany? Should we set it adrift? Maybe make it the 51st state. Dare the Jews to invade us?

    What would you do?

  • seawolf


    Seriously, I think we should help the people as much as we can to try and get back to some sort of reguluar routine in life. Rebuild the damage, get what medicine they require, food, clean up depleted uranium and leftover munitions, etc..

  • Elsewhere

    It took Macarthur seven years to set Japan on the course it was set on. I admire a man who is capable of single-handedly reconstructing a nation from ashes, and have it actually work. I honestly don't believe we have that kind of talent in any position to do it again.

    What will happen? They will likely use the model that is being used for Afghanistan. Sure, they will have to tweak it to account for the unique requirements for Iraq, but the basic model will be the same:

    1. Remove current regime.
    2. Provide humanitarian aid to the civilians.
    3. Setup and temporary transitional government.
    4. Pass the government authority to a body of officials that are elected by the people of Iraq.
    5. Provide support as needed while gradually reducing the number of our troops and equipment.
  • cruzanheart

    Or we could just give the country to Condoleeza Rice and appoint her queen. That would give those Middle Eastern misogynists something to grumble about. If there are any of them left after the dust clears, that is.


  • seawolf

    She wouldn't want to be queen unless she gets another oil tanker named after her.

  • Eric

    What to do, what to do..

    Heck,why not just go with what has proven to work:

    Install a lapdog, promote him with weapons for oil, tell your allies the weapons will secure peace, build him up as a force in the area, and help him wage a war, then when he goes nutzo, blow him the f*ck up. Twice.

    It was a good plan then, and it's a good plan now.


  • starScream

    I would do all I can to make Iraq the most prosperous democracy in the middle east. It should be easy with tall the oil they have. Then I would establish enough military bases in the country to launch campaigns against any upstart aggressor quickly and cheaply. Iraq is the dead center of the middle east, why do you think we want it so bad.

  • reporter

    Iraq was pretty damn prosperous before the first Gulf war tore them to shit.

    Now I hear that the UN (with the careful supervision of the U.S. troops I suspect) has a plan in place to monitor the furtherance of the oil-for-food program post-war.

    Uhhh, just whose oil is it?

    I mean, with the second largest proven reserve in the world, and today's whacky oil prices, is there any excuse why they aren't RICH?

    If Iraqis controlled Iraqi oil, and sold it and refined it and freely traded it as a sovereign nation, without silly dehumanising "sanctions", there wouldn't be a "problem".

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