Cain - where's the critical thinking skills?

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    i always wondered what Cain`s wife had done to deserve being banished along with her husband.
  • scary21

    All the younger brothers and ssters left home to go to the land of Nod. Only the oldest two could not leave mommy and daddy ??????? Would not all the younger ones have to know ther brothers well, unless they left for the land of Nod at two years old.. ???? Too crazy lol

  • sir82

    By insisting that every word written in the Bible is inerrantly and explicitly literal history, the WTS has designed an atheist-creating mechanism far more effective than any communist "re-education camp".

    Which has the added effect of driving most if not all intelligent persons out of the organization all together.

    Final result: All leadership positions are held by blathering nincompoops, or harshly cynical ambition-driven backstabbers, or (heaven help us) some combination thereof.

  • nowwhat?

    They say justice demanded that God execute judgment on Adam and eve. So why didn't justice demand God execute cain?. And for not warning Abel to watch your back, God violated good Samaritan laws

  • jws

    sir82 wrote:

    By insisting that every word written in the Bible is inerrantly and explicitly literal history, the WTS has designed an atheist-creating mechanism far more effective than any communist "re-education camp".

    That's exactly what drove me away from Christianity. Not by the WTS though - who aren't the only ones with that claim of it being literal and inerrant.

    I was already out of that JW nonsense trying to go about Christianity on my own. And realizing things didn't line up to fact. And I was willing to go with that. OK, some things are just stories. Some things were written by men, not god. What does the bible really mean "inspired by god" anyway? Is that like being inspired by a sunset to paint it? That doesn't mean the sunset is controlling the painter's thoughts and guiding his brush.

    One specific example, I read that the wording of what was flooded in the flood didn't have to mean the entire earth, but an area of land. So maybe it was a big, but localized flood. Like maybe when the Mediterranean was land until it flooded. Maybe. *IF* the flood had a basis in fact, that would be fewer animals, they don't have to come from all areas of the earth, etc. More feasible. And taking these stories as morality lessons, not fact, I could live with that. Just like how we don't care if "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" was true or had a basis in fact. We know it's a story and we can still learn from the lesson.

    But I had Christians (non JW ones) that were insisting the Bible was inerrant and literal. All of the stories were literal from Adam & Eve to the flood to the made-up town of Nazareth.

    So it wasn't the choice between facts and a story. Stories are fine. I watch/read and enjoy stories all the time. But they made it a choice between true facts and false "alternate facts" and I chose true facts and left Christianity behind.

  • ThinkerBelle
    Or did Cain really go and get one of the forbidden fruits? Was that the real crime? A forbidden fruit was part of his sacrifice so that's why god was mad and rejected his sacrifice?

    The forbidden fruits were blocked by angels guarding Eden. This is the part of the narrative that baffles me. The Bible account says that God banished Adam & eve from the garden and put two angels in front of it swinging swords - or something of the like.

    The book we studied I think last year, the one about all the faithful people of old had this in the first story talking about Abel. The book mentioned that "no doubt" Abel saw these angels and knew what had been lost, blah, blah, blah....which is why he was so faithful. The book had a picture too. I sat there wondering where the heck the WT get this crap and if that's so, then why can't we see those angels guarding Eden now? Where did it go?

    Sorry, off topic.....😁

  • Magnum

    And how did they even know that they could kill? How did Cain know he could kill Abel? How did Abel know he could kill (sacrifice) animals? They knew nothing of anatomy & physiology, did they? How did they know how to kill - where to strike, etc.? Even if they had cut animals open and seen organs such as hearts and brains, they wouldn't have had any idea what they were or what the purpose of them was.

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