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  • OrphanCrow

    Selling the assembly halls likely has something to do with Italy taxing church property that is not connected to regular worship activities. Churches are non-taxable property but other property owned by churches is taxable.

    It isn't that the WTS needs the money from the sale of the assembly hall property - it is more likely that they are simply avoiding the property taxes that have been levied on it.

  • slimboyfat

    Or it might be cash flow. They need money and they need it now. No long term financial analysis involved.

    Would they have the brass neck to ask JWs to build another Assembly Hall shortly after selling the last one?

  • pepperheart

    I know that on paper the watchtower have about 8 million people on their books but how many people are there just so that they dont get shunned and dont give any money in the box that would explain a great deal of things

  • joe134cd

    Peppeehart - yeah I can relate to that. I endured the meetings, done token F'S. Outwardly I knew how to play the game, for the sake of family or friends. That been said I hadn't donated money in years.

  • Crazyguy

    The other thing to remember is just because they say they have 8 million members doesn't mean they do. Plus even if they did how many are kids since they count unbaptised publishers. Maybe they only really have 4 million adults or less.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Yesterday we watched the italian film "the wordly girl" presented at the Italian film festival 2016.

    the film which plays in Italia and shows the daily life of JW, a family with daugthers, a love story with a wordly man, the judicial commitee meetings after her "adultery" of the young woman, how she becomes a "worldly girl", what the elders tell her when they disfellowshipped her, the privat questions about sexual details of her first sexual experiences, the interrogations, the tears, how she gets over the relationship with the guy who was really a bad society, he pulled her to deal with drugs hided in watchtower literature and disguised as JW-girl. But lately she broke with him and she lately gets free from everything also from the cult. The film ends with the scene when she meets another former JW girlfriend and now EX-JW, whom she didnt greet in the past because whe was also disfellowshipped. But after the excommunation and the disastrous failed relationship with the guy they now become friends and help each other. FINE

  • cobweb

    Interesting about the film Thewonderofyou

    Beyond the story itself, what did you think of the movie? Was it done well, did it have the ring of truth regarding Jw procedures and terminology etc.

    The only film I have seen with JWs as the main theme was that Danish film Worlds Apart which was pretty good, although i wasn't sure about the elders with beards.

  • TheWonderofYou

    The film is very realistic. The sisters going from house to house, the praying at home, the family life, how the father speaks with the children about higher education, university, the baptism scene, the judicial hearing was like real, the behaviouor the elders, the outfit, the thoughts and shyness of the girl at the first sexual experiienesm, the non-greeting of ex-JW, the not talking with the own little sister because the sister is now not in the truth anymore....everything top, a very realistic script and sceneplay, but the film isnt really thrilling or exciting, a little bit boring though.

    I felt like those actors were really JWs.

  • cobweb

    well jw life is boring so they've got that right. Personally i like intimate films where the drama is based on the interactions and relationships. I hope it does well enough that i can watch it on a download site at some point.

  • Londo111

    What Orphancrow said makes sense.

    And it is the key to curbing Watchtower and cults in general. If governments came together and said, if can continue to mandate shunning, or the blood transfusion ban, but we'll tax you for it, I believe Watchtower would reform real quick.

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