Excellent use of language in comments on this site compared with WT publications

by Deltawave 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Deltawave

    I think it's great. When I read posts on here I have to use a dictionary because of the high level of intellectual words yet, when I read a WTBTS publication, I have to ignore all the bad grammar and punctuation!

  • blondie

    You realize that WT publications have been dumbed down over the years. My aunt said that you could build your vocabulary just by reading the publications back in the 1950's. Now instead of encouraging jws to increase the WTS has decreased the level of the publications.

  • schnell

    I kinda want to write a program that spits out random JW-speak. It doesn't have to mean anything, and that's the whole point.

  • Giordano

    I left in the mid 1960's I am in awe of so many posters on this site who have articulated and backed up their point of view, their knowledge of science and the human mind, history and who value truth and accuracy. Who welcome honest debate and can adjust their point of view if the evidence indicates a different direction.

    We reject belief without proof.

    "The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What counts is the arrogant gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the single handed defiance of the world." Eric Hoffer in The True Believer.
  • slimboyfat

    This truly is a happifying report, vivacious and efficacious, and in no way vexatious.

  • Pubsinger

    Slim your happifiedness behooves us with great joy and much rich blessings.

  • zeb

    The wt is frequently inebriated by the exuberance of their own verbosity and beit so frequently masters of their own terminological inexactitude.

  • smiddy

    Aw c`mon guys

    , I`ve never had to use the dictionary as much as I`ve had to do , in this one post ,give me a break .

    Edit to note : I have never had to use the dictionary for a Watchtower or Awake article ,ever .

  • punkofnice

    I appreciate the grand privilege of unity in this time of the end as we go our separate ways. So, that's fine, isn't it brothers. Obey the governing body.

    On a side note, I got warned by an elder not to take the mickey out of 'theocratic language(tm)'. He then mentioned it in a talk. Oh, how shaming upon me. (Stupit git!)

  • Vidiot

    XJWs are the thinkingest people on the world.

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