Fascinating, Even to Me!

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  • teejay


    Recently, though, I decided to buy and read the book anyway.

    keep reading. if you're anyting like me, you're going to experience
    a wide range of emotions, including disbelief (when you KNOW it's
    true) and a sickness in your stomach for ever being a part of a group
    that you thought was being led by Godly, even humane, men.


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    To yardif:

    Sorry for the delay. I've been offline until now.

    I went back to read my post. First, to correct my type-o, of the article "Confident in a World Beset By Doubts" should have been W8/1,80, and I should have been more specific and said it listed the belief that "we are living in the “last days” and that we should “keep on the watch” for the coming of the Son of man" as among the important beliefs for anyone with doubts.

    It stressed that in the first century "there could be no room for skepticism and doubt. Also that those early Christians needed ‘firmness in the faith,’ firm conviction" and that likewise that today "a Christian who is beset by doubts should recognize the danger and take the necessary steps so as “finally [to] stand complete and with firm conviction.”"

    Also I should have included that the W1/1,83, in connection with showing the importance of believing in the last days, stated: "the most important meaning to attach to the ending of the “times of the Gentiles,” or the “appointed times of the nations” (New World Translation), in that war-stricken year (1914) is this: The antitypical spiritual Kingdom of God in the hands of his anointed Son, Jesus Christ, started there in the heavens."

    and also stated: "the ending of the Gentile Times in the latter half of 1914 still stands on a historical basis as one of the fundamental Kingdom truths to which we must hold today."

    So as I said, these are the kind of statements that were my foundation, the very basis of my faith, because the GB stressed its importance so much as a fundamental essential belief. People were df'd for not accepting 1914 as date they claimed it to be.

    I hope this clears up what I meant.

    Had Enough

  • Yadirf

    Had Enough,

    "The ending of the Gentile Times in the latter half of 1914 still stands on a historical basis as one of the fundamental Kingdom truths to which we must hold today."--1/1/83 Watchtower

    I do recall having read the above statement in the '83WT, and even though it is in fact an error, just the same it's not understood by the Society as being such ... YET. As it stands right now the Society is still under the mistaken impression that world events since 1914 have fulfilled Bible prophecy (Matthew 24:7), but in my opinion that's due to change in accordance with another Bible prophecy (see Daniel 11:35). Although I doubt that my words would impress you much at the present time, I am of the conviction that we both have been associated with the right religion ... and time will prove that to have been the case.

    I, the same as you, have the freedom to go either way ... to abandon the Society, or to remain. No one makes me do a single thing that I don't wish to do. In my case, I choose to remain ... considering myself to still be associated with the WTBTS, although inactive for many, many years. And until certain refinements take place I will have to remain inactive, since I can't fathom my telling others things via literature which contain certain ideas that I myself can't endorse.

    I hope that you don't find it unpalatable to hear me say that I really think that if it were possible for me to somehow download into your mind what I have considered over the years since having been away from the meetings (other than a few conventions), very possibly your outlook insofar as the Society is concerned would suddenly change. Such perhaps may be the justification for my continuing on with perfecting a website I have begun to construct (I have considered the possibility of abandoning the idea). It occurs to me that it would be far more practical in so many, many cases to have my thoughts/reasonings compiled in such a way that I can simply say "click here," instead of being faced with the grueling task of coming up with the time and energy to explain things to each individual I meet online.

    Yes, like you, I've "had enough" when it comes to the Bible having been misconstrued (remember Daniel 11:35). But hopefully you, like me, still earnestly desire to understand the Bible ... in addition to seeing the Society come into greater conformity with that God-inspired book.

    Thanks for returning in order to clarify your post, and I too am sorry for my own delay ... I HAD TO take care of a few chores outside the house today.


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