Elders won't tell you who have falsely accused you

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We just got a local needs on beware of outsiders or newbies. One point was to tell elders and let them handle it. Partly right except they are clowns. No mention of school age going to dad and/ or mom for flirtings, bad talk, questionable behaviour,. Or talking against elders. Even mentioned carrying a gun. Maybe I can get red flagged.

  • enoughisenough

    Mr x had to leave because he gifted me with an std...he visited another congregation for memorial and an older sister who always favored him came up to him to tell him what went wrong in his marriage-it was brother so and so fault...No it wasn't he told her. She kept insisting. He is the one who told me all about the conversation he had with her. So I called her out on it and told her the truth about telling him to leave because of the std..."well,I didn't know that." No she didn't because I wasn't telling anyone local because the elders told me to keep my mouth shut... but she was spreading her lies and she wouldn't tell me to who all she spread the lies. I told to go back and tell them the truth because if she could spread the lies, she could spread the truth. I told Mr x I had told her the truth about the situation...He said," why did you do that? She will tell everyone!" I did tell a sister I knew who lived 1.5 hours away...she told her daughter in NY, who told her friend in WV,who was friends with presiding overseers wife, who told her husband , who came to my house with another elder telling me I had slandered my husband and I could no longer work with the RBC

  • ThomasMore

    I knew an elderly sister whose car was placed in the shop for repairs. Her neighborhood was sketchy so she asked another elderly male, non-JW to park his car at her house as she hoped it would deter burglars. Other sisters saw the car and turned her in. A few days later, she was called before a JC and charged with fornication. She explained. She was DF'd nevertheless. She appealed. The appeals committee interviewed the JC and learned that they hated her. Yhey were not sorry for the miscarriage of justice. The DFing was overturned. They did not apologize. She was amazed to learn how much they hated her.

    In JW land, justice is not a given. Anyone expecting it is naive beyond what is healthy. WTC does not encourage justice since they don't practice it at Bethel.

  • HiddlesWife

    One of my exdub relatives was excused of "having unscriptural dealings with men". This false accusation came out of the mouth of a very arrogant/narcissistic/boisterous/nosey-yet-popular S-D-PIMI/RP. My relative (cousin) was given a ride home from work by one of her supervisors (her department worked on a project until quite late that evening). When the supervisor dropped her off, and she shook his hand to thank him before she can shut the car door, that S-D-PIMI/RP (with another SPIMI dub) walked past by them, trying to look into the supervisor's car. She thereafter remarked: "Jah knows about what CERTAIN brothers and, in this case, sisters are actually doing behind closed doors! Well, I think we should let this be known!". These 2 biddies walked quickly away.

    Sometime during the following week, cuz was called into the backroom by 2 elduhs, who questioned her. She explained the situation, and they realized that there was no wrongdoing plus didn't bother her any longer about it. She asked who accused her. They told her not to worry; they cannot reveal their sources. She found out a year later that it was that S-D-PIMI/RP (who was not only not in her cong, but also not in her cong's Circuit. The bitch tattled to her elduhs who knew one of my cousin's elduhs! DAMNING!🤬

  • LongHairGal


    That is some story about the elderly sister DF’d unfairly. What a bunch of evil-minded people in the JW religion! This is why I always had a problem believing that in times of ‘persecution’ your so-called brothers would be there for you if they stooped to this kind of garbage during ‘good’ times.

    I also fault the elders too quick to believe stories. Don’t they have any discernment? They know gossip is a terrible problem there.

    I am also of the opinion that when somebody is ‘hated’ in the congregation, very often plain old envy is at the heart of it. Somebody there has a problem because Sister or Brother So-and-So appears to have a favorable situation (maybe money, education, brains, etc.) Witnesses are small minded and hold grudges over things like this even if the person didn’t actually ‘do’ anything.

    I don’t miss this religion one bit.

  • punkofnice

    EIE - I hope you are not still hypnotised by this fraudulent excuse for a religion. I hope you have seen enough for the scales to have fallen from your eyes.

    It isn't a real religion, it's just a money making corporation that doesn't give 2 hoots about you or anyone else.

    Their ways are not Biblical even if they pretend that they are.

    I refer to S Hassan's book Combatting Cult Mind Control for assistance in seeing this.

  • TonusOH

    Because of the organizational structure and the power and responsibility given to elders, you create an environment ripe for abuse. The structure also makes it so that the congregation members are very likely to side with (and make excuses for) the elders if they cross any lines. They were, after all, put there by God's own hand.

    And that abuse does not need to be carried out with intent. Sincerity is often more dangerous because the sincere person has no reason to back off or try to make an accommodation. I knew a number of men who were normally very humble and very pleasant people, and they saw the position as something sacred and important, as a way of serving the congregation. Yet that attitude made them some of the most relentless and hard-line people when there was an issue to investigate. They did not feel as if they were crossing lines, they felt they were doing everything necessary to protect and preserve the congregation.

    "For the greater good" has been used to excuse bad behavior for all of human history. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who will burn down everything because they feel that it is the right thing to do.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    HiddlesWife: I don't understand all your acronyms. I know about PIMI, but what does the S, D, and RP mean?

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