You Have Been Looking Forward to This for a Long TIme - October 2nd 1914

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  • prologos
    "One hundred twenty more - wait for 2034!" Nathan, great,

    you are into poems today, but its 1914 plus 120 more= 2034. we have it easier now:

    2016 : only eighteen more to go to 2-oh-34 it is Rev. magic. 18 X 6.66 = 120.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Prologos, I was trying to stay in the flow of Steve2's opening post:

    "PICTURE yourself as a member of the Brooklyn Bethel family on Friday morning, October 2, 1914... "

  • prologos
    the flow of Steve2's opening post: Nathan,

    thank you for reminding me, i again am guilty of not re-reading, and then ignoring , the important opening post. Bsw, your name picture reminds me of standing behind that imposing person of Nathan H. Knorr, for a long time (like David in the cave behind Saul) ha ha, while he read his favoured magazine: -- Time.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Very good, Steve2, this is a valuable summary, i am sure i will use, and very well written, thank you.

    You know, as I was reading the 2011 WT about "When did Jerusalem fall, 607 vs 587" & did all this research about "generations" & 'how long is one according to the Bible, and added all the years & people of Matthew, Luke & anyone else in Jesus family listings, then divided then and came up with "40 years is what they average"......

    Well, when I figured out that "apparently" 607 was a lie, and knew they would have to change "generation", I thought... "How could they? "

    I then came across the verse about Noah... "preaching(?) for 120 years, and thought "they are going to add 120 to 1914, and make it seem like 2034 is "evidentally" logical.

    & here we are.....

  • steve2

    Quick observation: The same pattern of hope and disappointment was evident 70 years earlier during the "great disappointment" of 1844 which followed v the "Second Adventists" prophetic failure whose convenient fulfillment was spiritualized. Charles Russell had very good teachers on how to recover from failed predictions.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    They fall for it again and again. Anything can happen if it's invisible!

    The Watchtower leaders are confidence tricksters and their followers are idiots.

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "Rutherford unintentionally got one thing right: 'Religion is a snare and a racket'..."


    Even a busted clock is right twice a day. :smirk:

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