George Bush's excuse is good enough for me !

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  • starScream


    You indicted Bush Sr in connection with DU as a Saddam type guy. I responded to that indictment. DU was approved by congress. The President does not dictate the use of conventional ordanance. That is the Job of military planners and classified by congress.

    DU may very well be hazardous. We don't know for sure. DU is primarily used on Armored vehicles. DU is not as dangerous as Biological or Chemical weapons. It is not a weapon of mass destruction. Cutting and pasting a long list of articles about DU does not support your indictment of Bush Sr.

  • Trauma_Hound
    DU is not as dangerous as Biological or Chemical weapons. It is not a weapon of mass destruction.

    OH my god, LOL, you got to be kidding right? Do you have a clue what the half life of Depleted Uranium is? Not dangerous as Biological or Chemical weapons, do yourself a favor and lay of the the crack pipe. If it's so not dangerous, why did they have to take 22 of our own military vehicles that were hit by 'friendly' fire, and de-contaminate them, and in a couple of cases bury the vehicles, because they were so contaminated. OK, since it's so not dangerous, you can take all the depleted uranium in my state, and store it at your house. LOL.

  • starScream
    Not dangerous as Biological or Chemical weapons, do yourself a favor and lay of the the crack pipe.

    Do yourself a favor and pull your head out of your rectum. Biological and chemical weapons kill on contact. Mere exposure to these substances is lethal very quickly. It is a fact, DU is not as dangerous as bio or chem weapons, not a crack induced hallucination. DU can be handled without harm. The decontaminations are also done for lead, another type of heavy metal ordinance. Are you saying we shouldn't use lead? Do you know what the half life of lead is? It is a lot longer than that of DU. Lead has been well documented to cause environmental and health problems. DU is new and therefore controversial. DU is a heavy metal. It is dangerous like other heavy metals such as lead. There is no evidence that is it as dangerous as mercury. Putting DU in the same category as bio and chem weapons downplays the danger of bio and chem weapons. Terrorists are not scowering the earth for DU, mercury or lead. They want bio, chem and nuke weapons.

  • searchfothetruth

    Just consider this.

    There were 40 tons of Depleted Uranium shells dropped on Iraq during the last Gulf war.

    According to the UN the cancer rate in Iraq increased 700% between 1991 and 1994

    The point was made that because a bomb has a GPS system attached to it it would be accurate and the point I was making is that certain bombs, because of either their size or due to the long term effects, kill too many innocent people for them to be considered 'collateral damage'.

    Tony Blair said in a statement last week on a live debate that they would not be using cluster bombs, but they were being loaded onto aircraft yesterday according to the BBC.

    Robin Cook, a cabinet minister who resigned yesterday because of the failure to get a second resolution, said in his statement that Saddamm does not have WMD and if he does have Anthrax he has NO way off delivering it.

    This is an illegal war. The UN allows nations to attack another country for only two reasons:

    1. If the country is first attacked by another country. (There is NO evidence linking Iraq to 911 )

    2. If there is a UN resolution permitting military action. (And there isn't one)

    Going back to reactivate the old resolutions from the first gulf war is dis-honest and an excuse.

  • funkyderek

    What Bush should have said was that Saddam is a paedophile. That way, every half-educated Joe Public would be around Saddam's house armed with baseball bats and petrol bombs.

  • amac

    Searchofthetruth - Great Post! That was hilarious and sad at the same time.

    starScream -

    If the SWAT team has surrounded your neighboor's house because they are known to have illegal weapons that they knew they weren't supposed to have because they are convicted felons that is the right of the SWAT team. That is what it is there for. Once the SWAT team decideds that negotiations are going nowhere they can invade, at will, say their patience have run out. Laws are not passed to go unenforced.
    Maybe you're right. Perhaps a better analogy would be Ruby Ridge or Waco, TX. Those went down as real victories for the gov't, didn't they?
  • starScream


    Ruby Ridge or Waco, TX.

    Try taking the side of people who AREN'T INSANE sometime. The Feds did not set fire to the Branch Davidian compound. That is just a false accusation they did it to themselves. What would you have the government do? Leave them alone and not enforce the law? That makes perfect sense.

    Ruby ridge was the fault of Randy Weaver and his freinds. The wife was also to blame. She could have left. The sniper was given orders to take out anyone who had a gun. He took aim at someone who he thought was Randy Weaver and that person did have a gun. Just as he pulled the trigger the wife came through a door and stepped right in front of the shot. It was a freak accident but not the Government's Fault. Criminals are responsible for their actions. The Government enforces the law.

    Unfortunately the Tim McVeighs of the world, like you, Still think the Feds were wrong in both cases.

  • searchfothetruth


    I think you are massively ill-informed.

    The FBI did set the Branch Davidians compound ablaze, as admitted to by the agent in charge last year.

    The OKC bomb was more than just a truck bomb as attested to by ALL the experts that have ever studied the destruction. The building could only have been destroyed in that way by shaped charges being placed on the pillars to bring them down.

    911 the same. The architects who designed the buildings have said that they were designed to withstand such a direct hit and cannot understand how they fell like controlled demolition buildings unless there were other bombs at the base.

    In both OKC and 911 all the damaged wreckage was removed by the same government contractor BEFORE the fire dept. could make their investigations. Why were no jets scrambled to intercept the airliners when standard operating procedure is to scramble within 5 mins of a plane going off course and the FAA informing NORAD. The attacks were allowed to happen, and who has the power to allow that?

    Wake up and see what is really going on in the land of the free.

  • Pleasuredome

    has anyone accused george bush snr and dick cheney of paedophilia, perhaps someone like cathy o'brien? has there been any talk in a scotish newspaper of lord robertson, secretary general of NATO of being paedophile?

  • amac

    starScream - Just because I don't agree with the way the situations were handled doesn't mean I'm siding with the "insane." In fact, by chance, those are a very fitting analogies. Saddam is deranged and the US is mishandling the situation, just as Randy and David Koresh were deranged and the US mishandled them.

    By the way, when Randy Weaver's wife was shot he was outside of the house, nowhere near her. His wife was standing in the doorway holding her baby with children behind her. Pretty lousy mistake. And before that, their young son was shot IN THE BACK after he fired a gun in the air upon seeing a couple men on his property who just shot his dog. All that because an undercover agent asked Randy Weaver to saw off a shotgun for him.

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