Watchtower and Canada Revenue Agency

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  • lastmanstanding

    Changes coming to Canada Watchtower where congregations are involved.

    I strongly suspect it has to do with the lawsuits and Watchtower hiding the loot.

    Letters coming... wheres wifi bandit???

  • MrRoboto

    Any other details you can give lastman?

  • lastmanstanding

    “Selected congregations” will experience these changes, first anyway.

    Its put out there as a taxation issue. It could have something to do with Watchtowers charity status, also could be something to do with hiding Watchtowers money at certain congregations so that it is off the official -getting their arses sued off- books.

    I suspect that Watchtower will be transferring their wealth to “selected congregations” under the control of devout COs, so that when they lose the lawsuit, they can pull out their rabbit ears.

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  • lastmanstanding

    Then, when the courts figure it all out, later on.... the money will get moved again. Maybe in cash. I had a CO tell me personally about how the missionaries come home to have cash stuffed into their suitcases to be smuggled out of the country.

    More to come on this soon, as this is just getting started.

    Once defined tax parameters and laws relevant are discovered etc. then it’s going to get much bigger.

  • yalbmert99
  • lastmanstanding

    Heads up all ye who follow the child molestation, pedophile issue and the class action lawsuit.

    Selected Congregations in Ontario are changing their status. Not all congregations, just selected ones.

    The letter that was read stated that selected congregations will get a “constitution”.

    In fact, Canadian charities must have a constitution to begin with. See link.

    So, when the letter said that selected congregations will get a constitution, like that’s a new thing, in actuality, selected congregations will get a NEW constitution.

    The new constitution will redefine what the congregations can do with their money. see link

    So, Watchtower has, in a timely fashion, decided to redefine selected congregation’s charity status to allow for a more broad use of the money.

    Watch what happens next. Once these selected congregations have a redefined charity status, the Watchtower will secretly donate a LARGE sum of money to these new entities.

    Elders connected to this will be sworn to secrecy. Millions of dollars will flow into these selected new charities without a single rank and file member aware of it.

    I am sure, positively so, that when the vote takes place, NOONE will be allowed to actually see the constitution that they are voting to adopt.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Most likely the reason why 1. it is only in Ontario is because the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act, 2017(Bill 154) had passed and was approved. This bill is only affecting Ontario and it speaks of changes to non-profit organizations structures and how certain paperwork can be filed.

    Section 8

    The other reason why it may be selected congregations is not all congregations may have to have a corporation associated with it, at least that is in the US. Only congregations that hold the real property title have to have an associated corporation in order to own the property. If there is 3 congregations in the kingdom hall only one congregation needs a corporation for the purpose of holding the title of the land and building.

  • JakeM2012

    So we have a shell game in Canada! Let's Play!

    Wouldn't that be nice if WT trusted the wrong elder and all those millions were sent by wire to someone else? Let me give you my account number in the Cayman Islands. I'll meet you there later.

    You may laugh, but WT has been taken before, just look at the Branch in Greece.

  • lastmanstanding

    John Davis. Good info there.

    The Schedule amends the Act to add new sections 10.2 to 10.4, which provide authority for a trustee to whom the Act applies to apply or use the trust property to make social investments.

    I’ll bet Watchtower lawyers spent a few hours poring over that documentation.

    Can a trustee assign new mega funds to some “social investments “ such that the money is forever tied up?

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