“For God so love the world …

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  • deegee

    ... that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not be destroyed but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

    It just occurred to me that if parents were to follow this scripture, they would put their children to death if their children don’t obey/agree with them.

  • Simon

    There's no indication it's a command for other people to do the same and AFAIK has never been interpreted as such. It is a statement, that's all.

    Stop trying to paint Christianity as something it isn't - it doesn't really convince people that it's "wrong"

  • deegee



    So which examples of God are we supposed to follow?

    I thought we were supposed to imitate God/Jesus?

  • _Morpheus

    Im not sure i see the correlation between god offering his son as a sacrifice and humans killing their children for disobeying... ?

    In the end god says he will kill all who dont believe so there a similarity but theres no instruction for others to do so.... however if you want to make that point just step back to the hebrew scriptures and the nasty blood thirsty son of a bitch several times advocates killing your kids if they disobey you or blaspheme him. You really just used the wrong scripture.


    “For God so love the world …

    If I just observe what goes on around me, I can easily finish that sentence.


    He threw his hands up and said...

    "F*CK IT.....I QUIT!!"

    Image result for Angry God

    Well he did...

  • Finkelstein

    The reality is ancient mythological expressions such what came from the ancient Hebrew civilization was concocted bullshit intentionally to create appealing power and relevance to their specific god.

    You see the ancients also had to endure the perils of living which we still have to this day such as sickness and death, social disorder, violence from other ancient civilizations etc.

    The Jesus god worshiped today by many Christian based faiths comes from fabricated story telling of a Savior Messiah which was expressed by many ancient civilizations of that approximate era not just exclusively by the ancient Hebrews.

    The devised Jesus god was probably the best god devised by man in that era for humanity and most likely the reason Rome eventually converted to Christianity because of it.

  • venus

    But God had no idea as to what would happen to Jesus when he sent him on to earth (Mathew 21:33-39)

  • punkofnice
    deegee - So which examples of God are we supposed to follow?
    I thought we were supposed to imitate God/Jesus?

    That is dependant on which religion you follow. If, like me, you can't see any evidence that there is a god, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. If god wants us, we're here. whether there's a god or not, we can't do anything about it.

    Some/many(?) of us here have had a gut full of a vile controlling god being rammed down our throats at the 'meetings(tm)'.

    I for one, need to be as far away from that as possible.

    The first step for me was finding out for myself if the bible has any worth or not. What is it's origin? Godly or of mere men?

    Make of it what you will. I no longer believe the bible is of godly origin.

  • smiddy

    If "God so loved the world" why would he only communicate with a patriarch Abraham some 2000 years after the creation ?

    In the meantime he has killed off all humanity ,man,woman,and child in a worldwide flood.Not to mention all the animals he created.

    Except for a select few.

    Then he only chooses to communicate with a select chosen few for the next 2000 years the Jews.

    Good for them ,I have nothing against them however he ignores all other races or tribes to their detriment.

    And God not being partial actually only supports and fights for the Jews.? Weired that eh ? that he loved the world of mankind.

    And then when Jesus makes his debut on the world scene it is still just a small window of humans that are to gain favour with almighty God.

    Only those who are to accept Jesus Christ as Gods chosen one .

    Does God announce this to the whole world ,no he only gives this instruction to a small band of you guessed it Jews who were to dispense this info to the rest of the world

    Why is an Almighty God the creator of the universe giving such a tremendous responsability to a small band of imperfect humans to deliver such a message of salvation.?

    If he truly loved the world of mankind ?

    And then threatens to destroy them all at Armageddon ? because the majority of humans have not heeded the conflicting warnings given by his chosen people on earth.?

    So regarding all of the above if God really did love the world of mankind he would give them a pass .

    I know I would .

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...regarding all of the above if God really did love the world of mankind he would give them a pass. I know I would."

    That was a similar way to make a similar point to my wife, on one occasion:

    "If you were God, could you wipe out 7 billion people?"

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