JWs and extracurricular activities

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  • xjw_b12

    Gitas !

    One day watching some PG movie with an afghan over us in the same room as her parents (thank God for poor heating) I discovered the JW gf had some righteous and subtle hand skills. Hallelujah

    Note to self. Remove all afghans from family room and living room, and turn up heat, when kids friends are over !

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Mojoe, you did the right thing even if they were witnesses at the time. Friends who took a stand against the elders imposing their views are the winners. Right attitude.

    Guest 77

  • Mary

    I always wanted to be a bell-ringer at Christmas time. One year at try-outs in grade 5, I was chosen to be one, because I could read music. I had to tell the teacher that I "couldn't" do it, because it was Christmas related. I've never forgotten that.

    Even more sad is what happened to my brother. In Grade 8 track and field, he came in First Place for every event he entered: hi-jump, long-jump, shotput, discus, 100 yard dash, 200 yard dash and 500 yard dash. In fact, he was so fast that he did the hundred yard dash in something like 11.5 seconds and he won a special trophy for that. The coach really wanted him to start training more and told him that him doing the hundred yard dash that fast, with no training at all was incredible and that he had alot of potential to become a professional athlete.

    And guess what happened? Yep, the elders told my parents that he couldn NOT do anything like that, because he'd be at school after-hours with WORLDLY people, and why would he want to do something as horrible as become a professional athlete? Didn't they know where we were in the stream of time? Armageddon was coming! You wouldn't want to waste your time doing something "worldly" now would you?

    What total assholes. My brother left the Borg anyway, but what a lousy thing to have happen with someone with that kind of potential.

  • MoeJoJoJo

    It's great being able to vent isn't it?

    I often think about and feel sorry for those witnesses sitting listening to the drivel coming from the stage about how grand life will be for them in "the very near future" TM while we're out having some fun and just enjoying life on Tues., Thurs. nights and Sunday mornings. They don't live their lives for today, only for the future, and then to top it off, they aren't even sure that they are positively going to attain their "everlasting life". So sad.


    Eat,sleep,go to WBTS brainwashing sessions,and peddle WBTS crap....A kids life in the JW`s...OUTLAW

  • berylblue

    While I was a JW in good standing, my daughter,an unbaptized publisher, was the undisputed "star" of the drama scene in our area,starting from 11 years old on.

    I dared any Witness to tell me I was wrong for letting her particpate in extracurricular activities, considering none of them ever invited her to their activities, and declined to come to the ones I tried to hold.

    I am sure they talked among themselves, but no one dared to talk to me about the error of my ways. Most likely, because they knew I was right.


  • Soledad

    This topic brings back so many bitter memories.....I was always an excellent athlete (basketball, softball, track and field) but I never got to develop those skills to their fullest potential. I actually did join JV Softball in the 9th grade, but I had to quit after a few games 1) because I got injured but mainly because of 2) all those weekend games--you know, saturday mornings, far away, a sure no-show for stupid f&&&ing field service. I vowed that if I ever had children, regardles of whether Im still a JW or not, I would let them participate in everything.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Me too. I played pee wee football for two years but I had to stop because of the National Anthem. In junior high I was asked to join the basketball and baseball team but couldn't. I wasn't going to be a star or anything but it would have been fun to play for a few years; maybe I could have even gotten a scholarship out of it.

    Ah well, maybe in the next life.

  • Undecided

    Back in the 50s I was a JW and participated in almost all the school activities. Played on the basketball team, glee club, stared in the senior play, in the band, went to proms etc. Times sure changed later or I was just in a liberal congregation.

    But in the summer break I vacation pioneered, attended all the meetings all year and was a good JW. I wonder if all congregations was like that back then?

    Ken P.

    PS: I also bought a motorcycle while the PO in the late 60s.

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