QCS Telecom signs up with Allied Fiber

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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Is Patterson and Walkhill also by the IBM facility? Do you know the connection that IBM uses? Do you know if the same internet connection on one side of the lake is also on the other side? I work for a company that has several thousand locations doing tech support. There are plenty of instances that one site has a different internet option then the site that is directly across the street.

    I am not saying that the there are not any better options but it doesn't mean that they chose this option for nefarious reasons. I am sure there was a cost benefit analysis done and it was determined that this was their best option. It can't be that just because Watchtower did something that it is automatically a conspiracy.

  • StarTrekAngel

    The WT sole existence is a conspiracy on itself. LOL

    It isn't far fetched or impossible. Everyone know every cult out there is losing the battle against the internet. I know the company I work for will dive right in if the WT showed up and promised an almost guaranteed influx of customers (most of the witnesses in our service area) with the simple condition that we would carve a VLAN to direct the traffic to their own network. We would do it for the same price as any other customer. The sole idea of getting all this customers sent our way would be more than enough for our executives to accept the deal

  • millie210

    Is this the deal that Haniph Latchman is associated with?

  • StarTrekAngel
  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Apparently, people on here believe that this deal is a scandal and is nefarious in nature. Why do you think that Watchtower decided to make this deal?

  • dubstepped

    I assume that they made the deal to allow them to pump out more indoctrination into their cult, which is by default nefarious.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I don't exactly how this would work, but I am certain the Society would love to be a sole source internet service provider to all Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, etc. If they could do so, they would then offer the same to individual households. They would couch this as a way to protect the brothers from apostate sites and internet pornography, since these would be conveniently blocked by the loving brothers administering the ISP. Gotta protect the family from accidentally encountering such filth, ya know...

    Over time, other undesirable sites could be blocked as well. The brothers must be shielded from atheist sites, web pages that advocate higher education, or those pesky unauthorized JW social media sites where individuals might engage in unmonitored conversations that could lead to independent thinking or (gasp!) criticizing the Governing Body and its ever-changing policies and interpretations.

    It would also allow the Society to monitor which sites individuals visit, how often, and when. That's the only way to help the brothers avoid wasting time on frivolous entertainment or disloyal research from worldly sources.

    You heard it here first, folks! Kingdom Internet Services, coming soon to cult compound near you.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Another benefit to the Society providing internet services to individual households: they could help the brothers use their "valuable things" more wisely.

    I can see the pop-up window now...

    Brother, before you click on Confirm to make that Amazon purchase, please consider this: Do you really need that item? Or could that money be put to better use by contributing it to the World Wide Work? Just push the large **CONTRIBUTE** button to make the wise and loving decision, or try to find the tiny Confirm button to go ahead and selfishly make that unnecessary purchase. It's the third one you've made this month, by the way. Can you imagine Jesus buying such an item?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I also just learned what dark fiber is. Dark fiber is just extra fiber that carriers lay when they are laying down their fiber. It is not that Watchtower or this QCS Telecom laid fiber exclusively for this project. It was most likely in conjunction with the installation of fiber for other customers and they are leasing one of the lines for their own use. There are a number of companies that offer this service to larger corporations with multiple locations.


    The reason it is called Dark Fiber is, that it is not being used and light fiber is fiber that is being used.

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