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    Yesterday right out of the blue I received an email from my cousin a now former JW who I hadn't heard from in over 25 years. He got my email address of another non related JW website that I posted on.

    He is not disfellowshiped because he said he dug up all sorts of dirt on the body of elders before he divorced his wife and remarried so in my opinion this guy is not classified as a fader but wants nothing to do with the truth. Only him and myself escaped the Borg in my family. He is the consummate joker and is the type of a guy who walks in a revolving door behind you and comes out in front of you.

    We talked last night on the phone for hours and it was a pleasure to relive old memories and because of the type of guy he is, he has kept tabs on the happenings in area congregations. What a disgrace all the things that have taken place! When I inquired about several of the younger ones who were in when I was, his response just kept coming back as he's difellowshipped or she is disfellowshipped or he hardly ever shows up maybe for the memorial only and so on. Like many on here keep saying that only the stupid or non mentally diseased stay faithful to the cult is soooo true. Any of the born in's with a lick of common sense have gotten out and only the non mentally diseased have stayed behind as either firm believers or just to have their ego's stroked by imagined positions of power and authority. This post is not meant to disparage those who are trapped in by family circumstances we both expressed how hard that must be for those ones to sit and endure all that drivel routinely!

    I posted on here lately about a fellow young brother who I had a few beers with and we concocted a phony letter to a young sister in a different congregation about our obsession with the fascinating world of taxidermy, for a joke. Well it turns out that brother is a divorced former brother now and my cousin is going to arrange a fun get together ( we only live a couple of hours apart) where I am sure after a few libations and other things we will brain storm and who knows what fun we will come up with. LOL We are going to make sure to video record the outcome for a future "Wayne's World" type video release on you tube it should be real hoot!

    We concluded by saying that as born ins with all the KGB type behaviour control and rampant paranoia foisted on us by the leadership and leadership wannabees we especially felt sorry for the older captive ones and the sisters. It must be an especially difficult task for these ones as they are just window dressing and to be regarded by the Witnesses as serfs. We also concluded that all you can do to get even for what they did to us, is live a good life and laugh, because it beats crying.

    I have no reason not to believe that this little anecdotal picture of how the Borg has been thinning the herd lately locally is representative of what's been going on World wide. When I here reports of adult colouring books published by the Borg it just makes me cringe to think where they are headed intellectually. It doesn't look good folks for them so my advice is when you try to second guess what they as an organization are doing these days don't over think things too much sometimes things are just as stupid as they appear or as Forest Gump would say "Stupid is as Stupid Does!"

    I only started this thread because I couldn't decide what thread to post my thoughts on for your review.

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    The video you plan should be great, please let us know when you have put it on YouTube.

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