JW women true value

by Chook 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Chook

    When they sent out internal letter to elders regarding the binding of elders book , worldly men could do the job but only under supervision of a elder. But under no circumstance could a sister touch the book. The idiots put it in print, any elders wives on this forum should take it up with their man. WT has put the value of their dear sisters below a pagan binder.

  • prologos

    watchtower knows that the wives control the men, but don't want them to control the book too. ladies provide 90% of the blabber at the hall too, so wt does not want to be even in more of a bind. The true value of woman is priceless, never mind the jw slavery.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    they likely don't care about the 'worldly binders' since they know if these 'worldly' men should peek into the books contents they'll die of laughter. jw women, on the other hand, would likely take it seriously and mutiny...

    you know... i'd PAY to see that happen. XD

  • millie210

    Well worldy people are dead men walking so I guess they dont care what they see?

  • jeanniebeanzz

    that being said, where can i get a copy online? :p

  • smiddy

    Women make up a greater percentage of baptized Jehovah`s Witnesses than men .True ?

    And presumably their are a good number of women that profess to be of the anointed class ,a part of the 144,000 .

    Every illustration of the heavenly ,144,000 the society has ever published to my knowledge , shows they are all male with beards ,not one woman is shown amongst them.

    What does that say about the JW Societys attitude about women.? It speaks volumes to me.

    It`s been said their is no gender among the Spirit /Angelic class , then why are they all depicted as males with beards ? and no women ?

  • cofty

    Revelation 14:4 describes the 144,000 as "those who did not defile themselves with women".

    No wonder christianity has traditionally viewed women as evil temptresses.

  • prologos

    smiddy, --- given the odious record that the wt leadership, from the false prophets at the pinnacle to the un-christian cruelty of the local "glorious" enforcers, jw woman should consider it a tremendious triumph not to be part of it. and shame on those that tried,-- by vocal or underhanded means.

  • zeb

    jeaniebeanz The book is on line as part of the evidence given to the ARC.

  • Chook

    Ladies do you really feel that God and the org held you in the same value as men. Women seemed to get little attention in the Old Testament and in the org similar outcome.

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