Who is this Guy?

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  • Vidiot

    @ Fragrant re. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”…

    …Halestorm’s metal cover is better than the original.


    Nice deep-cut ref to Austin Powers, BTW.


    Piece of advice, though?

    Not everything is some kind of Biblical fulfillment, Satanic conspiracy, or secret agenda…

    …more often than not , shit just happens.

  • Vidiot
    NotFormer- “…They would be facsimiles; not even the WT could afford real manuscripts.”

    At this point, I’d be surprised if the WT could even afford facsimiles.


  • FragrantAddendum
    shit just happens


  • FragrantAddendum
    Halestorm’s metal cover is better than the original.

    you're right - i think halestorm is more likable than gaga anyway

    lzzy has an interesting story

    she is a really good performer

    she knows how to rock the crowd

    but it does come with a cost to her, i'm afraid

    as do some "gifts" in this world

    (i can't believe it's been that long since that song came out!)

    funny random experience, when that lady gaga version of the song came out

    i was sitting in field service group, one brother had his phone go off

    and he had that song as his ringtone

    some people didn't recognize it but others did and it was kinda funny

    "ra ra raaah ahah" lol😆

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Yep AF, I think that's him, Andy Schofield. He seems to be a very competent presenter apparently an ex CS.

    My concern is that the skill and polish of the man and his confident handling of the early manuscripts lend him an educated aura that I don't believe he deserves. The material he presented, I would say, has been around since the "Scripture Inspired" book in 1963. It is now elevated to a pseudo documentary apparently presented by an historian with a deep well of learning and research behind him. I don't think he has any right to respect, he assumes the gloss of hard earned qualifications without doing the hard miles.More fraud.

    I admit that I am making assumptions in saying this. Maybe someone knows him and can throw light on the subject.

  • FragrantAddendum

    i don't know him personally

    but in my experience with wt

    they tend to promote the most slimy people to the highest positions

    (there are sincere elders around, but typically...)

    if someone is giving a prominent talk on love

    they tend to be the biggest hater

    if they are giving a talk on faith

    they tend to be the most unfaithful

    if they are giving a talk on integrity

    they tend to be the most back-stabbing s.o.b's

    it's the watchtower way

    the outside of the cup is all clean looking, sophisticated, good speaking skills/poise/etc

    the inside is filthy

    that "Ben Elder" fellow who speaks for the "european freedom" jw group is an example

    looks squeaky clean and innocent

    but his words are like a dragon burning up the poor and lowly without any remorse

    it's horrible and demonic

    so this andy dude, for him to get that position

    he's probably a big jerk with no faith in the bible and no love for truth

    that'd be the pattern, the watchtower way

    doesn't mean he can't change though

  • FragrantAddendum
    Yep AF, I think that's him, Andy Schofield. He seems to be a very competent presenter apparently an ex CS.

    i notice you switch around letters quite a bit

    first it was the "RA" and "RC" thing

    then the "FA" and "AF" thing

    both times it made me giggle, not in a bad way, just made me smile

    whenever i see "AF" it makes me think of this guy

    in some of his videos he wears a shirt with it on it😂


  • Vidiot

    I’m amazed the guy could do all that and keep a straight face.

  • FragrantAddendum

    he is funny AF


  • Vidiot
    Fragrant - “…they tend to promote the most slimy people to the highest positions…”

    I don’t think it’s done on purpose.

    Its just that if/when you spend decades alienating intelligent, conscientious folks with flawed, ideology-driven decisions…

    …eventually, all you’ll be left with are monsters.

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