Story: St. Patrick's Day

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  • Jim_TX

    It's coming up on St. Patrick's Day, and I always remember something that
    happened years ago on this day.

    A long time ago, I was working in Austin, and commuted back and forth from
    San Antonio. I drove to Austin every day for a month, then finally got an
    apartment in San Marcos (which was about half-way), and stayed there during

    the week, and came home on the weekends.

    I always looked forward to Fridays, when I drove home to relax. On the way
    home though, I would stop in at a store in the Outlet Mall in San Marcos -
    Sara Lee's - where I would pick up some food.

    They had lasagna that was wonderful - and German chocolate cakes, and other
    foods that were yummy.

    One weekend - it was St. Patrick's Day (or very near it), I got to witness
    the greatest improvisational comedy - it was wonderful!

    This little 5-year old girl was there with her younger brother and her
    parents (who were in the back of the store shopping). The store had open
    chest freezers with frozen goods in them. The little girl came up to the
    fella at the register and said, "My little brother is eating the ice.", as
    she pointed to one of the freezers, and a small boy nearby.

    "It's okay. It won't hurt him. It'll only turn his face green.", said the
    cashier non-chalantly, as he continued ringing up my goods.

    The little girl, startled - asked, "Is MY face green?" (Guess who else had
    been eating the ice?)

    "Naw", said the cashier, "It takes a while."

    "Oh.", said the little girl with a small worried voice, as she walked away
    to join her parents shopping.

    I just shook my head and laughed, as I was paying for my groceries and said,
    "You're bad!"

    "I'm bored.", he replied as he shrugged and handed me my change and
    groceries. (They hired a lot of college students to work at the shops

    As I drove the rest of the way home, I could not help but wonder about this
    little girl... her parents also driving down the highway, and her asking
    them from the back seat, "Is my face green, yet?" - and they, not knowing
    what had transpired earlier in that store.


    Jim TX

  • Princess

    Great story, sounds like my kids.

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