France: Where all donations are going? Germany?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Yup according to their business report they have had to leave many project unfinished due to a serious lack of funds except the GB's new home on a chemical waste clean up site and England's new chemical contaminated site these are the only ones they are suppose to finish,, but I wonder if they ever really will with all their denial that is going on. Even though they robbed all these congregations with forced pledges of money from them which they can't refuse unless they want trouble from the organization.

    They're in bigger trouble then they ever will admit to because of extreme denial even when they are up their necks in deep shit financially with a zero credit rating.

  • darkspilver

    Firstly, it seems that sp74bb's subtext was to show up the French for being somewhat 'tight' with money....

    But, then secondly

    DesirousOfChange: That's the first thing I noticed as well!! A 30% drop in donations! WOW! No wonder they begging and groveling for kids' ice cream money!

    A surprise? Hmmm, I explained how the WT are actually very effectively disincentivizing donations in a post I made around two months ago

  • sp74bb

    This piece of document, shows two things.

    All voluntary donations in France do not stay in the country. Nor they go to the Branch printing their "biblical literature".

    Second, a clear evidence of how the funds are dropping. I agree with darkspilver that they are actively disincentivizing the donations.

  • bohm

    Regarding the 30% drop in donation, how does this align with the "voluntary" donation of all excess funds due to the new donation arrangement?

  • shepherdless

    Just in case it has not been mentioned before, the Britain branch is also sending significant funds to Germany. This is an extract from page 13 of IBSA 2015 accounts:

    This seems to be a major increase from 2014. The 2014 figure is not stated, but can be £1.6 million at most.

    Note that the Australian branch seems to indirectly contributing as well. This is an extract from page 16 of IBSA 2015 accounts:

    Very generous of the Australians to give a long term interest free unsecured loan to the Britain branch. In fact, it appears IBSA Britian wouldn't have had the cash to make the transfer without the contribution from Australia. See the following note from page 19:

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  • Vidiot
    DesirousOfChange - "...A 30% drop in donations..."


    The Big A better hit soon, or at this rate, the Org'll be broke before too long.


  • fifth.column

    Be careful this doc is relative to ONE specific region (East) in France, and the numbers mentioned above are on a specific found for solidarity.

    Any way, since the change 4 years ago, nobody understands in France where the money goes today. When the guys gives the numbers from the platform we do not have a complete view of what is sent.

    But everybody is in agreement of a significant drop-off since...

  • Vidiot
    fifth.column - "... When the guys gives the numbers from the platform we do not have a complete view of what is sent..."

    Frankly, I'm surprised they even bother to give any numbers at all.

    It's not like the rank-and-file would put up much of a fuss if they didn't.

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