The Monsters the WTBTS Created

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Growing up, the JWs at the Kingdom Hall taught me that perfection is the only standard via which things can ever be measured. "Well yeah modern medicine is great - but it's pointless because they can't save EVERYONE. And they can't stop people from dying." - "The UN is utterly pointless because wars still happen . . . it doesn't matter how many wars they've prevented from happening." - "World leaders may have good intentions . . . but they can't fix everything they want too so, in the end, it's pointless to even care about them." etc. etc. etc.

    Simultaneously, they manage to exercise breathtaking arrogance, "Oh don't mind us . . . we're just on a divine mission from God and busy fulfilling prophecy and all . . ."

    But whenever someone points out they're not curing anyone any better than the doctors, or making any better on their promises than the World Leaders, or that they're not solving world issues any better than the United Nations - they cry foul. Special pleading - "But we're God's organisation (bought and paid for by you) and anyone who criticizes us is blind and stupid and mentally diseasesed . . ."

    But what do they expect? They're the ones who created us critical little bastards. They're the ones who created us critical little Monsters :p

    The difference is most doctors, world leaders, and the United Nations don't claim to be on a mission from God or be "beyond reproach". However, the Society does make such grand claims for itself.

    They are worthy of being held to the standard they claim they uphold. It's not like we're extra critical of them simply because we're X-JWs. Rather, it's because they're so damned self righteous in the first place and they can't possibly live up to the standards they insist everyone else live up to.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    You said it right. You hit the nail right on the head. That's exactly how JW's think and you can't get them to think any other way. They are brainwashed stupid. I've dealt with this myself, and still dealing with it.
  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread, and so very , very accurate!

    I woke up to the fact that I was raised to be very critical and SMUG as a witness. The arrogance is something we don't see until we step outside of the witness bubble!

  • EdenOne

    Isn't it a paradox that they criticize 'wordly' institutions for not being able to achieve perfect results, as the OP described, but at the same time are quick to excuse the shortcomings of 'God's own earthly Organization' by saying its made of "imperfect men" ...

    It's mind-blowing that they can't see the stupidity of that double standard.


  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    This SMUG arrogance we were all indoctrinated with.... I'm now finding it pretty difficult to form relationships with 'worldly people', now that I am one myself, still burning away my 'I'm better than they next guy' attitude... so much learning to do...

    the WTSGB tries to think it and the org's members are better than anybody else.....

    so toxic, dysfunctional and anti-human...

  • punkofnice

    I have so much hatred within me for authority. Now, I have utter hatred for the governing body. If they were to be executed after a trial for crimes against humanity and no executioner could be found, I would volunteer.....and I'm not joking.

    I believe that hatred has been put there by the constant brainwashing that everything non JW was an against of god.

    Life seems so pointless, I wonder why I don't just dig a hole and bury myself.

    I believe the watchtower organisation has bombarded me with such negativity since I was born that it's hard wired in my brain now.

    when they say that bad things happen when a person leaves the slaveholdery of the corporation they're often correct. Why? because they set up mental traps in your head to mess you up when yopu do leave.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    It seems a lot of ex-JWs have been set up for failure in the real world and the longer you were "in" the more lasting and detrimental the effects. So many of the threads on this forum prove it.

    I like you Punk and I'm concerned about you. Obviously you are bitter for what you feel they have done to you - I know I am for what they did to my sister. But I'm worried your feeling of hoplessness is causing you some depression.

    You're writing a book and I assume this is something you're passionate about. Try to concentrate on your passions, get out and go exploring. Keep that nice mind of yours occupied with positive things. don't let what that sick cult did to you determine your self worth or define you. You're way better than that my friend.

    If you ever need someone to talk to just PM me.

  • punkofnice

    SSC - Thanks, friend. Oh, I have my good and bad days. I've had meds but it's down to me. I have reached a lifelong ambition of publishing books on I suppose I should be glad of that.

    I live alone with one son. I guess I'm lonely now that the watchtower destroyed the family.

  • stuckinarut2
    We love you Punky!
  • Heaven

    Coded Logic said: "Well yeah modern medicine is great - but it's pointless because they can't save EVERYONE. And they can't stop people from dying."

    I experienced this firsthand in my family when my Mom fell in March of 2002 and couldn't get up. I get a phone call from Dad 12 hours later ...

    Dad: "Heaven, I think there is something wrong with your Mother."

    Heaven: "Oh? What do you mean?"

    Dad: "Well, she fell this morning and couldn't get up. I've been carrying her to the washroom ever since every time she has to go and she yelps. She is really lethargic too."

    Heaven: "Dad, she sounds like she's in shock. If she fell and can't get up something's broken. You need to call 9-1-1."

    Dad: "Oh ... I don't know."

    Heaven: "What do you mean? Something is really wrong here. You need to get her to the hospital."

    Dad: "It's pretty muddy here. I don't think they could get in."

    Heaven: "Dad, that's their problem to deal with. It's their job. They are young and will manage."

    Dad: "I don't know."

    Heaven: "Dad, do you want me to call them?"

    Dad: "Well, no."

    Heaven: "Ok. Let me hang up so you can call them. Once you've done that, call me back, ok?"

    Dad: "Ok."

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