Is there anything recent in the publications about Jesus only being the ransom for annointed?

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  • NikL

    I was trying to find something recent that I can show "still ins" in my sphere but it is proving harder than anticipated.

    Most of what I am seeing is couched in confusing goblygook WT style prattle.

    My wife argues that it's not even true and I think that's the case with most JayDubs.

    So I guess if it is a teaching that is being allowed to fade, maybe it's not worth pursuing?

    Any of you scholars out there got anything recent clear and handy?

  • vienne

    Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus is the ransom for all. They also teach that he is Mediator only for the 144K. This causes confusion. They teach that Jesus is mediator of the New Covenant and that the covenant is only between God and the heavenly congregation. So in their view he does not mediate anything for anyone other than the 144K. Jesus propitiates for all. He is intercessor for all. He is not mediator for all.

    This seems to cause endless confusion.

  • darkspilver

    See the Meeting Workbook for April 2017

    Treasures From God's Word - Jeremiah 29-31

    Jehovah Foretold the New Covenant

  • Carol1111

    If the new covenant is only for the 144000, that must mean that the rest are under the old covenant, ie the law of Moses.

  • darkspilver

    Carol1111: If the new covenant is only for the 144000, that must mean that the rest are under the old covenant, ie the law of Moses.

    Why? The JW teaching, as per above chart/link shows the old law covenant, mediated by Moses, was between Jehovah and natural Israel ONLY.

  • NikL

    Thanks for the info darkspilver.

    I thought there was something at one point that said the Greek scriptures were mainly directed to the anointed or something to that effect?

    Maybe it was a long time ago?

    In all honesty, even your concise summary of JW doctrine in this is confusing to me.

    I think Carol1111 has it close except as darkspilver said

    The JW teaching, as per above chart/link shows the old law covenant, mediated by Moses, was between Jehovah and natural Israel ONLY.

    So that means the rest of the "great crowd" are not under any covenant as of yet no? We are like the gentiles in pre-christian times?

  • undercover

    As convoluted as most WTS doctrines are, this is one of the more convoluted. Jesus is ransom for all followers, but mediates only for the anointed. The anointed make up the Christian congregation; the rest are just supporters of this heavenly class of spiritual brothers to Christ.

    This confusing teaching is why on one hand, you could argue that JWs (non-anointed) are not true Christians. They're just supporters of the anointed, and followers of Christ, but not technically members of their club.

    On the other hand, the WTS never makes this definitive statement, but purposely leaves it obtuse. JWs consider themselves Christians based on their acceptance of Christ as their ransomer and leader. On that basis, then yea, they can be considered Christians.

    I think this goes back to the early days of the WTS when they expected Armageddon early on, with only a limited number of adherents and survivors. They outgrew that expectation, and had to rewrite doctrine. But in true WTS style, they created a bigger mess than what they already had.

  • waton

    Jesus made the New Covenant with followers that were natural Jews, but not "anointed.

    Wt's fallacy is that they confuse the New Covenant with the Kingdom Covenant, in their "Anointed vs Other Sheep" version anyway.

    All of Israel was in the Old Covenant, not just the Kings/Priests, and WT's failure to incorporate that in their "anti type", confusing at it is, serves them well in their domination over the Rank and File, that are never good enough, ever working on their treadmill.

    In their "Jesus/mediator" doctrine, wt mirrors the Catholic dogma, that allows for the "Saints" or anointed, to be the direct purveyors of prayers,benefits between God and supplicants.

    Voting for Tony as the Patron Saint of Tailoring , anyone?

  • waton

    Wt also consistently has identified the "12 Tribes of Israel" in every instance of the NT as the "Earthly, not anointed Class", yet maintains that they are not in the "New Covenant", not mediated by the "Greater Moses" JC.

    A demotion, de-classification if ever there was one!

    Wt has even stooped lower, by declaring the OS to be strangers, aliens grasping at the fringes of the one that is a "jew". An indirect reference to them not being in the New Covenant, that after all is for forgiveness of sins.

    Other Sheep, your sins are unforgiven.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Please also note that the "spiritual Israel" no longer applies to all who claim to be annointed. It's only the members of the governing body because according to 1 John 2:27, it only befalls those "who are teaching them".

    The non-anointed are only saved because they believe in the ransom, the ransom only applies to anointed members of the governing body because that's who Paul wrote to in his letters to the early Christians. The reasoning being that since Paul didn't include anyone but the anointed in writings, those "add-ons" don't benefit from those promises. You can find that line of reasoning on by stitching together Insight, Jeremiah and various WT study articles. It avoids any direct line of questions regards Bible writings regards everyone going to heaven, it basically blames Paul for lack of foresight that the number 144000 may at one point be exceeded (which also removes any blame on early JW teachings)


    • 4 A few anointed members of “the Israel of God” still remain, and as Jesus’ brothers, they continue to act as “ambassadors substituting for Christ.”


      5:20) They have been appointed as a faithful and discreet slave class to care for and provide spiritual food for anointed ones and a growing crowd of Christians, who now include millions having the hope of living on earth forever.

    • w10 1/15 pp. 28-32 - The Watchtower—2010

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