bible right, bible wrong, and off topic: bethel abasement believable.

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  • prologos

    Looking at the eclipse today, 1) bible confirmed, the shadow on the moon shows it is hung on nothing, (no ropes showing either).-- 2) bible proven wrong, no pillars of the earth Job 9:6 projected against the moon . No four corners of the earth either, not a flat disk on the horizon either. and

    rumor confirmed: Canadian bethel workers aware they might be curtailed too, even if it is cheap to run the Georgetown operation with the government picking up the tab for healthcare etc.

  • Diogenesister

    yes prologos, the jews were (still are)big on astronomy for obvious reasons, its very obvious when you look at the shadow the earth produces on the moon the earth is round. Also the word specifically meant round not sphere.

    The greek Eratosthenes conducted a fairly simple experiment to demonstrate around 300 bc that the earth was in fact a sphere anyway. Probably around the time some of the hebrew scriptures were written.

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