On the realization you will not "live forever"

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Im standing on this planet due to gravity...not Jehovah power???? The universe is so scary to me i cant look at pictures of it!!!
  • SecretSlaveClass
    We all grow up fearing death. Most people find a way to get on with healthy, productive lives by accepting an ideology which teach eternal life or come to realize that death is a natural part of life and actually serves a real purpose and helps to make one comfortable with one's own mortality. Whichever you choose, being the master of your fears will will serve you well.
  • Bonsai
    Your own mortality - It's a hard pill to swallow. I would rather have lived and died than never have lived at all.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Then it hit me.......I never thought that. I assumed my life would never end. In fact, death was an enemy, not "real", and simply not even a possibility.

    I've discovered that I am a very slow learner. I, too, thought I was "special" because God had "chosen me" to be one of His witnesses and even though 99% of the world's population was doomed to die, me and my family (I was 3rd/4th gen) were all going to live forever in Paradise. Yes, I believed it.

    I still believed it when my Grandmother died. She was the "Matriarch" of the religion. She just had been born a little too soon to see and live through the Big A. Then my devout JW aunt died. Same thing. Born too soon (wait, 1912 should have been THAT generation). She'd be resurrected into Paradise. Then my father. Starting to see a pattern here. My mother is still hanging on with failing health, but now that she's the only one still alive, she's wondering if "all those old men in Brooklyn got something wrong". And now me. I'm one of those youths addressed in 1969 that was assured that we could never finish college as the world was to end before we would be finished. (May 22, 1969 Awake!) All of a sudden it's 2014 and Christ hasn't done a damn thing that was promised for this past 100 years.

    Never finish college? Now I'm drawing my retirement checks. And my mother just informed me she has several extra cemetery lots that they bought when Grandma died. WTF? Yep, we are all going to die. So make damn sure you do some real living now while you can! (F*cking Cult!)


    The greatest revenge is living and happy and successful life!

  • Tenacious

    The fear of death comes natural to us because it's unnatural to our nature.

    I live life everyday doing good to my fellow man but especially my family.

    I know when my time comes I will fall asleep happy and content.

    Happy in that while I was alive I lived the life Christ asked me to live out of sincere love for Him and His sacrifice.

    Love for Jehovah for his incredible sacrifice He made just so our existence would continue.

    Content in that I loved my family to the fullest and gave them my best.

    The opportunity to live again is a bonus that I don't intend on turning down ;-)

  • stuckinarut2

    Pete Zahut:

    We "Born in's" never really had a chance to think about death or to grow accustomed to the concept of our own mortality on our own. Like so many other things, the subject was thrust upon us and we were told what to think and feel and were also told it would not happen to us if we moved as directed, listened

    FANTASTIC comment! Spot on!

  • stuckinarut2


    A person really starts to live, as a grown-up, from the moment they realize there's no second life. An ordinary person realizes that at his adolescence, give or take. Most devout jws never realize that, which means that they essentially remain children until very, very late.

    Well said indeed Syme! Very true.... I am an example of this....

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    If our life wasn't so short, it wouldn't be such a hard pill to swallow. Depending on health and other factors you may live to 80 or a couple decades beyond. But even at 100 years that isn't much time, and for many those later years is fraught with chronic disease.

    We on average spend 1/3 of our life asleep, and another 1/3 on mundane things (driving, bathing, defecating ect..). If you're a JW you spend the other 1/3 in servitude.

    I think if we as a species could live longer lives then maybe death wouldn't seem so bad. Could you imagine being married to the same person for 300 years? Death would be welcomed.

  • Gentledawn

    Yup, realizing one's true mortality sucks. They also used dead loved ones as a carrot-on-a-stick approach for recruitment. Still stinging from that one, too.

  • Diogenesister
    Crazy SaintB ! Or quickly by having your nuts bitten off by a Laplander?

    Remind me not to go to Lapland 😧

    I have always liked Graveyards, you can understand why some cultures talk bout going to the ancestors - its a kind of nice idea.

    Seeing the little ones',or even those who have not lived a long life the under 60's even, is a hard thing to take. I think that is something I will always rail against, the injustice of it.

    I just wanna freeze cyrogenically my head & get taken out once every 100 years to just know WHATS GOING ON! Cant stand the thought of not knowing. I dont mind just being a head , always was a bit head on istic.😝

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