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  • mtwtf

    What will it cost JWs in Australia if the ARC recommends that all Au. “churches” contribute to a compulsory Victims Compensation Commission (for the want of a better name).

    It looks as if every Au. “church” could be forced to contribute to the cost and upkeep of a VCC. The VCC would thereafter take control of the compensation of victims in all cases of institutional sex abuse in Au.

    The VCC could be expected to have the power to award sexual abuse victims suitable monetary compensation and the cost of on-going therapy, where applicable.

    The contributions of Au. “churches” to the VCC would need to cover VCC’s running costs, overheads, engagement of outside experts and victim compensation awards. I don’t know, but I expect abusers would continue to be dealt with by the existing legal system.

    With an average of one case of JW child sex abuse a week being notified to the service desk at Bethel (most of which did not proceed beyond that point), is it possible to estimate:

    What annual contribution to the operation of a VCC, might be set for Au’s 66,000 JWs?

    Could this annual VCC contribution be covered by extra weekly donations by JW families?

    If not, where will the extra money come from?

    If legislation for a VCC is passed in Au. and proves successful, will other nations adopt this method of protecting the rights of victims of institutional sex abuse?

    What might the global cost then be for the WT?


  • Zoos

    The GB would start by sending a letter to all Australian congregations to fork up the money.

    A motion would be presented to the congregation to pay X amount each month and Brother Brainwashed would second the motion and the vote would be unanimous.

  • cantleave
    Australian dubs can look forward to another Tithe
  • punkofnice
    The australian JWs will get the bill. All other JWs will get the bill too......even though the Australian JWs are paying the governing body for the stupid laws that the governing body enforce. It's easy. The cult leaders make a law that costs money. The cult leaders don't care because they won't pay a penny. In the meantime any member of the governing body knows they are free to abuse children and won't have to pay.
  • Splash

    With 1,732 JW victims identified by the Royal Commission, at $65,000 AUS per victim, that comes to $113 million Australian dollars (£50 million GBP or $80 million USD).

    That's before any admin costs etc. and relates purely to historical Australian cases.

    Any of these (or new) cases taken to court will incur more costs and potentially higher compensation per victim.

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