New Midweek meeting visual aids

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Starting this week the midweek has visual aids throughout the meeting such as sing along lyrics that scroll smoothly, images from the publications being used and the year text displayed in between. Does anybody have the files that were used or have they been leaked?

  • Richard_I

    My congregation started doing this two weeks ago. We just got two ~60'' TVs mounted to our walls and they display song lyrics and photos, such as the opening image of the Watchtower study article for that Sunday meeting. A speaker used them to show images as well during his public talk.

    This isn't the same religion anymore.

  • baker

    They are still behind the times by about 30 years, I remember we would go to clubs and sing to lyrics and photos and videos. It was called kareoke.

  • schnell

    I am not coming back to the meeting to do that.

  • Virgochik

    Just like they jumped onto the internet long after everyone else, they are late adopting this technology. The churches have been doing this for quite awhile already. My church always has the lyrics up the screens, as well as scriptures being referred to.

    Good morning, Kingdumb Halls. Where have you been? Well, better late than never. Just hope they don't act like they invented this!

  • jwfacts

    I've been threatening my 8yo son to take him to a meeting, so he can understand how boring my upbringing was. With all this, he won't be able to appreciate just how tough meetings were to sit through.

  • WTWizard

    And what a waste of technology. Those kingdumb maladies are so terrible that displaying their vile lyrics on a screen is not going to salvage anything. To me, the whole thing is a waste of electricity that could have been used to string up several dozen LED Christmas light strands. And that "music(??)"? I would rather put some Led Zeppelin recordings on my device and listen to those. The whole of their famous ZOSO album, the one with Stairway to Heaven, is a good place to start (and I have yet to hear anyone successfully do a remake of Black Dog--because the guitar is just too hard for anyone but Jimmy Page to do (and it was right at the edge of his ability, to boot).

    You want to take someone to a boasting session to show how lousy your upbringing was? Try showing the Washtowel Teach or God's Tyranny books, and show your son some of the rules within those wretched books. A third of the Tyranny book devoted to masturbation? No holidays of any kind? Going out in field circus instead of playing? That is more graphic than going to a boasting session which is intentionally made to be not so bad looking.

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