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  • carla

    I have been thinking about the mentally diseased belief/doctrine of jw's lately and the thread the other day about the mentally challenged child who was brutally (and humorously) honest at a convention got me to wonder something.

    It seems to me that jw's use 'mentally diseased' in such a derogatory way as if it is a failing on the part of the person, or almost sinful (demons?), or perhaps that person should just be dismissed on all counts all the time.

    Now, what if someone truly is mentally challenged in some way shape or form? do they even stop to think that their perception of mentally challenged people might hurt feelings of said person or that of their parents and family?

    Or do they have a twofold belief of mentally challenged? one being those who truly are (downs syndrome, etc..) and those who 'choose' to be by claiming they are anointed? What is your experience in a kh?

  • Xanthippe

    I've often thought the same, they are saying those who are evil apostates in their eyes have a mental illness. If that's true then we need help rather than shunning surely?

    As for demons, yes when I was in that cult I, like many others, had depression and an elder and his wife came to see me. I was trying to explain how I was really trying to get myself well and I said I feel better when I get out of the house for a while. The woman immediately said oh I wonder if it's demonism if you feel better when you get outside of this old house (we lived in an apartment in a Georgian house). Not helpful! They're obsessed with demons.

  • punkofnice

    I reckon (possibly wrongly), the term was used by the WBT$ as an expletive against those that don't believe their lies, to stigmatise them within the minds of the R&F.

    Interesting that after they were reported to the UK police for using hate speech, they changed the wording in their subsequent version of the NWT. I would postulate that they were afrearin' lawsuits against them for such a term.

    The WBT$ HQ seem to have swept the term under the carpet. They can't stop the R&F still using the term without appearing as vitriolic as they actually are.

    Meanwhile, the iron cogwheels of the WBT$ continues to grind the bones of their adherents without mercy or conscience.

    Who knows what the 7 popes think. whatever it is, if it stops them living like rock star paedo protector Popes, then they're going to speak hate.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Me thinks that the entire gb are 'mentally diseased' but Lett, well he is also facially diseased!

    just saying!

  • BluesBrother

    The wording of 1 Tim 6.4 has been changed in the 2013 NWT , so I guess they no longer want to use it. That may not stop them remembering the old line and using it, though. ..

  • karter

    We're I live there is a guy who raped his sister when she was 13 he is now an Elder worthy of double honer......and we are mentally diseased......think about that take all the time you need

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I have an autistic son. He doesn't believe that god exists. His mind needs evidence, definitive proof of everything. Blind faith - nope wont have a bar of it.

    I often think that the increase diagnosis of autism will one day see the majority of the population unable to grasp the concept of a God. The Autistic mind will become the norm and the neurotypicals will be the odd ones. One well known psychologist Tony Attwood has said that autism may be the next step in evolution.

    The autistic mind is pretty awesome. They are not pretenders or fake. They say it as it as they see it. I for one enjoy the honesty.

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