"The messiah" was to come from the "line of David" right??

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    The whole thing is a mess, Mathews line goes to Jesus through Joseph but I think includes a king that was cursed and nothing was to go through him and Luke if I getting this right that line goes through Nathan and not Solomon so that’s a cluster to. Christians just say one line is for Mary and the other for Joseph.


    Hello Stuckinarut,

    I have been thinking about what you said:

    In fact, that lineage lists JOSEPH (Mary's husband) as being in Davids line. Yet he supposedly had nothing to do with Mary's impregnation - as that was done by "Holy Spirit by Jehovah" before Joseph ever had relations with Mary! (if you believe that)

    And if you are right, Joseph had NOTHING to do in 'making' Jesus. Which could mean Mary did not contribute any DNA either. If Mary had contributed then Jesus would not only be descendant of David but a descendant of Adam & Eve too...but Jesus was PERFECT! All that said, it seems Mary was a surrogate mother. Jehovah placed the perfect embryo in Mary's womb.

    So what do you think?


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