Dean Songer

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  • Fisherman
    Dean Songer was a good man. Charlie Plaeger (also in writing, I believe) was his roommate.

    He, at last got a room to himself in mid 70’s. Truly a remarkable man and an un-song hero, great servant. Flawless in integrity and morality. He was qualified and competent, and worthy to be called an Elder and a Leader. He gave WT his all, everything in his power to give, time, energy, skills, resources. After his work assignment in Bethel, he did physical work at kh projects. Axiomatically an imperfect sinful man but of the same caliber as the apostles Paul or Peter or any of the Bible great patriarchs. A man worthy of honor and respect and laudation. A humble true believer lacking no spiritual fruitage or virtue.

    “You must be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.” I observed him and scrutinized him closely. I did not detect flaw in his comportment, temperament, spirituality or morality. Dean Songer lacked nothing—complete. As it was posted, he was amazingly intellectually gifted. One of the greatest JW leaders. Respected and an honor to have known him,

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