Do you feel regret?

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  • pale.emperor

    I have zero regret. If it wernt for being raised in the JW cult i wouldnt have had a fascination with bible history and people - sure some of it i need to re-learn but i really got a kick out of researching for No 3 talks. And i loved reading Mankinds Search For God, i still think that is a well written book.

    Also, i think it's made me more aware of how people and myself especially are capable of being manipulated into say/doing some things that are just not right. My only regret is that i took part in shunning disfellowshipped people.

  • scratchme1010

    To help me move on after leaving the Org and to maintain my sanity, I have worked on not regretting the time I spent in it. Granted, I have only been out 6 years and was 22 when I left, I still was an active JW from age 16-22. Those were prime times of my youth that I will never get back. I wanted to play high school football and basketball but couldn't. I wanted to go to college after HS but felt the pressure to pioneer. I am still in my twenties but I still wish I could go back to those years and do them over. Oh well. I have just tried to view it all as a learning experience and helped me be who I am now. Does anyone else regret joining the Org or do you think it helped you become the person you are today?

    I was born in, so in my case I find comfort in the fact that I didn't choose to join that filthy organization. However, at one point I did have to deal with the anger. For years after I left I felt happy to catch up with all I was missing, but at some point I did have to properly deal with the anger caused by the damage that the WT inflicted in me.

    I realized that there are healthy, proper ways of acknowledging the anger and that I owe no loyalty, not even respect to that organization. Then, and only then was when I really started feeling detached from that organization. I mourned the losses in my life that the WT purposely and ill-ntendedly created, and understood the fact they they have absolutely no authority and no saying in my life.

    Today I already have a life and a history and the WT is a small part of my life. It's never going to be eliminated from my history, but it's the most irrelevant thing in my life.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Be glad you got out in your 20's instead of your mid 40's ~ Flipper

    . . . or 50's or 60's or too old to "get out" . . . . Doc

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