Watchtower Condemns Catholics for Pedophile Cover-Up!

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    Watchtower no differnent from the Catholic Church?????

    I posted on above thread just how different it really is.

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    (This Statement was posted on the Website around the same time that Dateline aired [May 28th 2002])

    Knowledge of Child Abuse
    Progressive Understanding for Society in General
    "People didn't have the body of knowledge 18 or 20 years ago to say that this is something that will harm your child emotionally, if you don't address it. Parents didn't know the seriousness ... and the long-term effects."
    Dr. Gail Bethea-Jackson, LCSW-C, B.C.D., specializing in victimization, children and adolescent issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder

    The lies & excuses that this lady spouts as fact, "We did'nt really see child abuse as a criminal matter 18-20 yrs. ago"

    Then why the hell were there laws against it 18-20 years ago? Thatt they would put this quacks opinions on their website as a defense blows my mind & is insensitve in the extreme.

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    I think, this post is the most widely viewed post ever over the JWN site but with only about 25 posts. Unbelieably, Its been viewed 11245 times. What do you think could be the be possible reason to explain this?


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    2013 DC Friday talk called "Believe Inspired Truth, Not Inspired Error." Outline points out how child abusers can be cured and anyone saying different are the devils agents.

    This is in contrast to WT position inferred in the Awake! reference above under "Is there a cure" as well as others.

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