Studies in the scriptures AND bunch of Rutherford books available online

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  • NikL

    This may be well known here but I just discovered it.

    Lots of old publications are in the public domain and are available for download.

    Could be a great source of information for those that need it.

    Here are couple links...

    I apologize if this has been brought up before.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi NikL,

    Just for your information, _I_ am the person who first released most of that information in free digital format many years ago. Search this site for "Watchtower Bookshelf CD" if you are interested.

    I don't distribute anything for free anymore because I got tired of sending a free CD halfway around the world at my expense and then discovering that the person who got it was selling copies of his free CD on eBay.

    I digitized a lot of other stuff too, then was inspired by the author of "Captives of a Concept" (Don Cameron) to get into the "replica reprint" business.

    It's a GREAT way to make A LOT of MONEY FAST, if by " a lot" you mean $20 and by "fast" you mean twelve years. :)

    ...but I do it to meet chicks, and the occasional duck.


    Checking your link, I see that is not my stuff. It looks like it may be material from the Bible Students, who still think that Chuck Russell was the cat's meow and that soon their loopy graphs will become relevant in the real world.

    The stuff I did was more 50s and 60s WTB&TS stuff.

    It is not too late to join the UADNA team!

  • NikL

    Hi Nathan,

    Yeah having sent lots of CDs around the world in a totally different arena I know how expensive it can be.

    I don't think these are from the Bible students. This website features stuff that is in the public domain where copyright is no longer valid. if you check around there are even old talks by Da Judge.

  • GLTirebiter

    The Finished Mystery is available on Project Gutenberg. I'm surprised that they have none of the earlier volumes in their catalog.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    If you start a little further back in site, there is virtually everything the Watchtower has ever published.

  • NikL

    That's great! I hadn't noticed that.

    So now it's easier than ever to research virtually anything the society or folks like Ray Franz has said over the years.

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