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  • shattered_origins

    Ever since my sister gave me an " awakening," I have been somewhat obsessed with the failings of the religion I was born into. I am especially outraged at the article I read about how the elders are supposed to deal with accusations of sexual abuse (jwfacts.com/watchtower/paedophelia.php)

    I myself suffered sexual and emotional abuse from a family "friend"/Ministerial Servant in a neighboring congregation. When I finally told my mom what he was doing, she did the smart thing and took me to the local police station. Long story short, a case was made (I had physical evidence-gifts, letters, etc) and a preliminary hearing was held pending a trial. Well the bastard took a guilty plea--that's right, he admitted he was guilty to the judge. However the elders in his cong refused to issue discipline because he told them he was innocent. Years later he finally confessed, got disfellowshipped, and was reinstated less than a year later. All these years I thought those elders were lazy and incompetant. Little did I know, they handled my case exactly how their secret elders handbook tells them to! I am nothing short of outraged!!! My search also led me to the story of Candace Conti, and I realized, shit, I could sue too! At least for pain and suffering. I received professional help for a short time but my parents were told by the Elders that wordly therapy was bad. I loved my psychiatrist. She helped me through my PTSD, depression, and self mutilation. When I was suddenly pulled from therapy by my parents, I became even more depressed and actually attempted suicide. So yeah, Watchtower, you kinda owe me one!!!

  • Dunedain

    @ - Shattered origins - I am so, so sorry that you were treated that way. Both by the horrible actions, of your abuser, and the way the "elders" handled your situation. It must have been so faith crippling for you, to think that the, supposed org that "God" was running, did NOTHING to protect you. If God WAS there, he would have protected you, before, and after, but instead MEN hurt you, and i am sorry for that.

    There is probably nothing that can take that pain, and old memories, away from you. That being said, if you have the "strength", and "ability", to pursue this by SUEING the WTS, i cannot recommend enough, that you DO THIS. It WILL take courage on your part, and may be very hard, to have to re-live certain memories, but if you are willing to, then it may be a worthy cause for you.

    It is easy for someone, like myself, who has not experienced personally what you went thru, to say " YEAH SUE THEM", so ONLY you can make that decision, but i am sure many of us would stand behind you.

    You ARE right, the WTS DOES owe YOU, and you should "stick it to em". Besides the perhaps, monetary benefits that you could, right fully, receive, but maybe your pursuing this, could help someone else, NOT have to be abused in the future by this cult.

    I do not know the specifics of what lawyers are out there that can really help you, in the specifics of your situation, but i know that there ARE lawyers that WILL help you, specifically to fight the WTS. You are not the first, you would be one of many, that are now waking up, and going after this abusive WTS, and there IS strength in numbers.

    I am SURE that there are some, right here on this forum, that KNOW of the people, agencies, lawyers, and resources, that you can contact, and WILL help you. Good luck, and if it is YOUR will to do this, PLEASE do it, and ask HERE for the help, and you will be helped.

  • Simon
    Well the bastard took a guilty plea--that's right, he admitted he was guilty to the judge. However the elders in his cong refused to issue discipline because he told them he was innocent.

    I don't understand this part - how can they think he was innocent if he was actually convicted of the crime?

    That seems to go beyond even their normal "we won't report it" denial. Even when it was reported and a guilty judgement was issued they still refused to accept his guilt?

    What on earth is wrong with these people? What basis do they have for these idiotic decisions? I think it's their belief - this whole notion that people are "appointed by holy spirit" is such a dangerous superstition because it makes the starting point for any decision "oh, he's an appointed elder or ministerial server ... therefore he must be OK because we have God's say so! (via holy spirit)"

    I wish you luck if you decide to pursue a case against them and recommend you contact one of the law firms that has experience and success in this area without publishing more publicly about it (just in case).

  • cappytan
    I don't understand this part - how can they think he was innocent if he was actually convicted of the crime?

    I can see him claiming he was innocent, however telling the elders that the lawyer recommended he plead guilty to avoid jail time.

    I'm not saying it's right. But it seems a likely scenario.

  • Zoos

    If you have it in you (and you have a case), go for it. The more this cult is made to face the foul stench and public shame of it's behavior, the better. If it would take an unnecessary emotional toll on you, well... that's your call.

    I was 3 or 4 when my older cousin started in on me. I found out years later he was being abused himself by his grandfather on the other side of the family. I think he might have pursued legal action after he matured had the old pervert not died. Anyway, when my cousin was - I'm guessing 11 or 12 - he started taking me out to the barn. I know he must have been prepubescent when it started because after awhile I noticed he had hair around his penis where there wasn't before. I remember asking him if it itched.

    All I remember from our years long soiree was that it was fun. My response to every bit of it, save the last couple of times when I was almost 17, was "fun"... and sometimes I even initiated it myself.

    Despite the fact that I was pulled into a sexual situation at a ridiculously young age, I have never been able to relate to the trauma that I hear so many victims describe. I DON'T DISCOUNT IT. I understand it is genuine. I just don't get it. I've never had any desire to go after my cousin legally. Maybe because I understand he was a victim too.

  • sir82
    No harm in talking to an attorney to see if you may have a viable case.
  • Tornintwo

    Sue them!!! Call Irwin zalkin and at least get some advice. After all you've been through you deserve compensation. I'm so sorry you suffered this abuse and mistreatment.

    Reinstated after a year, eugh, "we're not permissive to pedophiles" said Lett on jw broadcasting, well plenty of experiences like this say you are.

  • Finkelstein

    However the elders in his cong refused to issue discipline because he told them he was innocent.

    That could have happened if the guy was playing the situation out separately.

    Since he didn't admit to any misdoing the elders hands were tied to the directions set out by the WTS.

    The legal system handles sexual abuse differently and they more investigative as well.

    He could have told the elders that he pleaded guilty because he was advised to by his lawyer.

    Even after that fact the elders just road on what he originally told them, the ending result was no DFing.

    This is a good example of the Bizarro World of the JWS .

  • LisaRose

    I would think you would only have a case if the elders had some knowledge of his behavior prior to his harming you. Otherwise, it's not something the Watchtower could have prevented. Conti won because the elders knew about her abuser, as he had been accused in a prior case, but they still allowed him to go out door to door with her.

    If the scumbag that molested you had later gone on to molest someone else, then they might have a case, depending on the circumstances. But you should contact an attorney to be sure, laws vary from place to place.

  • AudeSapere

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