News from Argentina....letters from bethel to bethelites ; Get out with happiness!

by rege brazzy 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Gayle
    thx wifi,,, I enjoy your updates! The one picture indicates a lot of happiness!! Back in the 70's, Bethelites were held captive to their 4-year vow to Bethel. Most would have been happy to leave sooner., .
  • MaybeSo

    So, the sister used to work in a dentist office at Bethel and she is happily accepting her new role as a regular pioneer to serve where the need is greater.....

    At least she has some experience at something she can use once she sees how she was being used

  • truthlover
    It just won't get through to anyone..... the spin, the spin...... and it all falls on Jehovah's head! When will things change, I pray for it , guess its building so will have to wait and see when the sh.... hits the fan

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