Daro Weilburg! I want to report this guy to his elders

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  • joe134cd

    Daro Weilburg is a JW apologist on you tube. To be honest I really can’t stand the guy, and I want to report him to his local elders, as he knows full well he shouldn’t be making these videos. So anyone know his local area or a contact number for his KH. Can’t wait to see the end of him.

  • nonjwspouse

    The best enemy is himself. Let him show his cult behavior out there for all to see.

    Leave it alone. He has as much right to post a you tube as you do. His message will be seen for what it is. A cult indoctrination.

    Really, the best examples and "ammunition" against the Watchtower is thier own pulbications. Right?

    If he bothers you so very much I suggesst you stop watching.

    He will self destruct. It is just waiting to happen. Don't contribute, or it won't be as effective.

  • sir82

    Seems the best away to avoid being annoyed by him is....to not watch his videos.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I wouldn't stoop to his level, by 'reporting' to the Elders. It just confirms that they have some power over him in that way, which by rights they shouldn't. The only reason he's doing this is because he's seen TTATT and has doubts. He wants to right perceived wrongs just as much as he wants to convince himself of what he's sold his life to. I know. I was there myself. It was my kneejerk reaction. Don't be THAT angry apostate. Ask straightforward, earworm-like questions. Do not go all out atheist, but focus specifically on the JW dogma, history, etc.

  • john.prestor

    Don't play like them if you don't like the way they play.

  • BereanThinker7

    I wouldnt be suprised if the guy wakes up himself soon. Its only a matter of time before he runs across info that he cant just bash his head against and illogically dismiss maybe like a Greg Stafford sorta thing, but at least that guy tried to be civil and educated, this Daro guy is almost on a trolling level.

  • Diogenesister

    That is utterly wrong to play by their rules and "report" him.

    He's a full grown adult with absolute right to make youtube videos.

    Just as you have the right not to watch them.

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