Governing Body Member Gerrit Lösch - What The Near Future Holds

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  • pale.emperor

    Another talk from my channel.

    Gerrit Lösch - What The Near Future Holds

    Apparently, Jehovah God has "revealed" the future to us... unfortunately in 2008 when this talk was given he didnt reveal to them the mass downsizing of bethel staff and buildings, the child molestation payouts and many many changes to doctrine.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Once I thought his words are as important as of a pope.

  • bohm

    What happened to him? At one point he seemed like a very prominent gb member, but now he seems very much in the background

  • 2+2=5

    He's odds on to be the child abuser in the ranks.

    As the longest serving GB member, he has got to be the most criminally responsible for their damaging policies, at the very least.

    Lock the old fool up and let him rot in prison.

  • stan livedeath
  • a watcher
    a watcher

    What a great talk. One of my favorites. Thumbs up!

  • Schnufti

    I remember when he gave a talk at the convention in 2014 (or 2013?), I thought: "This is proof we are not a cult. Cults have charismatic leaders."


    The WTBTS is a reactionary organization. When things are great, it's "Jehovah's will." When things don't turn out like they prophesied, "It's Jehovah's revealed will!"

    As one uber-couple ( used extensively in videos ) said about the cut-backs, "Jehovah has put the brakes on! He's letting us know that we were getting too far ahead of his plan."

    There's no end to religitarded delusions and justification. Uber-dubs are working part-time jobs to pay for the "privilege" of going to where the need is great. Meanwhile, the GB travel 1st class on your dime.


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    If a graduating high school student was contemplating college in 2008 when this talk was given, he or she's have been cautioned that the end is too close to get involved in higher education. The fact is, he or she would be graduated by now and would have already been working for 4 years and perhaps because of their abilities have been scooped up by Bethel and given one of the more desirable jobs. Losch would never have dreamed or admitted that this "system of things" would still be here in 2016....almost 2017.

    The music continues as one by one, each of the dancers fall.

    Daniel Sydlik, Theodore Jaracz, Raymond Franz( deceased,resigned in 1980), Lyman Swingle, Lloyd Barry (deceased), Milton Henschel (deceased 5th president), William Jackson (deceased,) Karl Klein (deceased), Grant Suiter (deceased), Albert Schroeder, Leo Greenlees (forced resignation, deceased) Ewart Chitty (forced resignation,s deceased), Frederick Franz (deceased, 4th president), Nathan Knorr (deceased, 3rd president), George Gangas (deceased), John Booth (deceased), Charles Fekel (deceased) John Barr, Carey Barber (deceased), Martin Poetzinger (deceased) etc etc etc........

  • Magnum

    bohm: "What happened to him? At one point he seemed like a very prominent gb member, but now he seems very much in the background."

    I've been thinking that same thing for a while.

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