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  • Law

    What do witnesses think of other witnesses marrying nonwitnesses?

  • stephenw20

    Law ,
    There is an issue in your question. It cant be answered.
    Witnesses dont think. Its against their principles.THE WTBTS tells them not to.

    see the independent thinking thread.


  • cecil

    "What I think of another witness marrying a nonwitness..?! Well - let me think for a second, let me think... Where did I put that WT Publications Index...???"

    good point stephenw20


    When an elder is a guest at a wedding where a witness marries a nonwitness - he disqualifies himself as an elder immediately! Now you now, what witnesses are supposed to think of that...

    Sorry for being so 'direct' in my answer. Just recognized that you are new to the board... (Welcome!!! btw). Is there any special reason for your question? Or are you just curious?


  • Flowerpetal

    OK I'm a witness and I think in this day and age, life has so many twists and turns, so many unsureties, that if one (a witness) finds a pretty stable individual who is not a witness, and they fall in love, go ahead and get married.

    I personally know of a sister who married a non-witness and they have been married close to 20 years, and are still very happy. And I know many witnesses who were married to each other, but are now divorced; some with scriptural divorces and some without scriptural divorces.

    Life has NO guarantees, that's for sure!

  • slipnslidemaster

    I'm sure that the elders won't let them get married in the Hall. So what does that tell you?

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • claudia

    I know of a jw girl who married a moslem!

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