JW elders told abused girl’s parents not to report sex offender (another one)

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  • kramer

    There is no obligation to report child abuse in the uk, except in certain professions, social services, teachers, health workers etc

  • AbusedandPissed


    Interesting that the UK ministers have just dropped a proposal to make this a reality.


    Granted it wasn't going to deal with religious bodies but this is interesting what the paper said about this:

    "The Government said the consultation received more than 760 responses from social workers, police officers, local government, children's charities, educators and health professionals, victim support groups, and other members of the public.

    The majority of responses disagreed with the concept of introducing new statutory requirements.

    The proposals would have placed caretakers, caterers and secretaries at risk of criminal action.

    Ministers concluded that the evidence received does not demonstrate that either of the proposals would sufficiently improve outcomes for children - pointing to feedback suggesting the measures could risk creating unnecessary burdens, divert attention from the most serious cases and hamper professional judgment."

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